Blade Devil Charges Past the $100,000 Milestone

Before it launched there was much skepticism and/or concern whether Raging Golden Eagle’s first project with Toxic Manbaby tentatively titled Blade Devil would be a success. Having been self-funded and with partial help from the charitable contributions of his loyal viewers Blade Devil was set in stone to happen as a huge chunk of the project was already complete. Yet ultimately it is the market that judges whether a product is to be successful or not.

A fact RGE himself has been adamant about on during numerous streams. With a philosophy of giving the audience what they want, backed by Comicsgate, he and his artist freed from his basement shackles watched with bated breath as Ashyara’s debut launched. To immediately surpass the funding goal, surging onward past the $10,000 mark and having generated over $42,000 in the first day alone.

Blade Devils success offered up vindication for Raging Golden Eagle’s ideas on how the market and fandom work. In serving up a well designed female character that at the same time is sexy as she is more than capable of ending any of our lives he proved both his theories right and how very nonsexist the market really is. Confirming as many other ComicsGate works have, the market isn’t dead! Marvel and DC simply fail to serve or recognize it anymore.

After the initial success what came next was seeing if the title could reach the $100,000 milestone. Earlier this week the project crawled up to $98,000 and from there appeared to move at a snail’s pace. Until with 11 days still left to go on the campaign, Blade Devil surpassed the $100,000 milestone. With 1421 backers the title now sits at a whopping $102,291 and shows no sign of petering out at this juncture.

That is no meager accomplishment. There have been several projects by industry professionals that failed to reach such levels of success. Leaving it as something no one can any longer deny or take away from its developers.

You can learn more about the comic by visiting the IndieGoGo page.