Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story, 18+ Game Reaches Indiegogo Goal

It looks like Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story is gearing up to make headway given that the game’s Indiegogo run has come to an end with more than the target amount. Sitting at 112% of its initial goal, the 18+ game where you take control of a busty heroine in a 2D adventure setting has been funded on both Kickstarter and now Indiegogo.

That’s right, the upcoming adult game featuring a noticeable amount of nudity has been funded on Kickstarter and now Indiegogo. The former platform has raised $26,619 out of $22,000, while the latter has surpassed $500 with $565 under its belt.

Back on February 16th, 2020, the team behind Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story, Secret Stash Studios, wrote the following letter:

“Funding has shifted over to Indigogo for anyone who has shown up late to the party. 🙂


With some luck we can work up towards the next stretch goal. Quite honestly, the higher development goals for the game are things I want to do regardless (and will in time) but more funding will make it happen faster. Thanks again to everyone who made the KS campaign a success!”

And as noted above and seen below, the team will receive the extra funds from Indiegogo to help flesh out Ayla and her story:


If you would like to see Ayla’s story unfold through a video game, the upcoming story behind this title sees Ayla trying to become an apprentice, one that serves under the village’s sorceress.

Attempting to prove herself, Ayla must complete a rite of passage by traveling to dangerous places, bringing back pieces of lost arts to begin discovering her magical abilities.

The PC title will feature platforming action as well as traditional 2D animations. Oh, and something worth mentioning is that the game’s budget includes two levels. The full story is planned to unfold over at least ten levels with more potential levels being added with side quests later.

Lastly, you can learn more about this game by heading on over Cretaceous Seas – Ayla’s Story’s Patreon page or by watching the following video: