DC Comics Cancels All Comic Con Appearances In March Due To Coronavirus

DC Comics Coronavirus

The coronavirus is wiping out a lot of public gatherings and events. Many are still shocked that the WWE hasn’t cancelled Wrestlemania in Tampa, Florida in April given that there’s going to be an international audience from all over the world attending, and so far Tampa has already tested several people as being positive for having the virus. DC Comics and Warner Bros., however, aren’t so brazen as to roll the dice on fate and even though the Comic Cons are a lot smaller than Wrestlemania, they wisely decided to cancel all convention appearances throughout March.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the cancellation of the appearances was confirmed by a DC spokesperson, who stated…

“As the health and safety of our employees are always our primary concerns, DC staffers will not be attending conventions during the month of March. Future convention attendance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, factoring in the latest information from a variety of organizations, including the CDC, WHO, U.S. State Department and local health agencies.”

In addition to canceling the Comic Con appearances throughout March, Warner Bros., also announced that they had to cancel the public touring premiere of Superman: Red Son due to concerns of the coronavirus.

YouTuber and godfather of #ComicsGate, Ethan Van Sciver, did a video about the virus affecting DC’s appearances at conventions in March.

In some ways, real comic book fans are probably rejoicing that all the woke media are being impacted so negatively by the coronavirus.

For instance, Superman: Red Son retconned the story by axing the romance subplot between Superman and Wonder Woman by turning Wonder Woman gay.

That’s not to mention that DC has been engaging in all sorts of other degenerate propaganda, such as turning Poison Ivy into a black feminist, or using the Harley Quinn cartoon on the DC streaming service to take jabs at straight white males, or DC Comics hiring Zoe Quinn to work on the Deathbringer comic even after she was involved with the suicide of developer Alec Holowka.

If the coronavirus is going to start negatively impacting the finances of woke companies in a major way, then it may be the catalyst for societal change that so many people have been itching for all these years.

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