Deliver Us The Moon Heads To PS4, Xbox One April 24th, Switch In The Summer

Deliver Us The Moon

Developer Keoken Interactive and Wired Productions announced that the console version of Deliver Us The Moon is scheduled to arrive on April 24th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch starting this summer.

The game received a lot of positive feedback when it originally released back in late October of 2019, even though it had originally been announced back at the end of 2016.

The story centers around the Liberal propaganda of climate change and Earth no longer being inhabitable. In a desperate bid to save humanity, an astronaut must attempt to repair a lunar base on the moon and perform various tasks, either at the base or on the space station.

The trailer doesn’t really do anything to explain what the actual gameplay is like, but the core gameplay is a third-person title where you walk around, solve puzzles, or use the rover to travel to and from various locations on the lunar base.

Like all other Unreal Engine 4 games, it looks visually decent for what it is, but it’s also another one of those non-violent approaches to gaming.

It would be cool if more games at least gave you the option to pick stuff up and swing it around so you don’t across as being so helpless.

Anyway, the game isn’t very long and can be completed in less than four hours. Most of your time will be spent rummaging around the abandoned station, alone, as you search for items, go over data logs, and attempt to complete objectives like launching a rocket ship without any help from any other teammates, or avoiding being overwhelmed by solar storms. It’s very much the typical sci-fi survival sim that’s been flooding the market as of late.

You can look for it to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One on April 24th with the Nintendo Switch release due to drop this summer.

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