Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Currently Unavailable On Funimation

Dragon Ball Super Broly

When paying subscribers and digital purchasers recently went to watch Dragon Ball Super Broly on Funimation’s website, they were greeted with a rather unfortunate message that the video was unavailable. The site is still functional, Dragon Ball content is still available, yet for some reason Dragon Ball Super Broly is not available.

If you type in “Funimation Dragon Ball Super Broly” into the search engine, Google’s first link will take you to Funimation’s Dragon Ball Super page, where you can view the animated series and not the movie.

In a video by YouTuber Hero Hei, some of the comments he read from the page mention the same thing, that they were redirected to the animated series rather than the theatrical movie.

However, further down the search query you’ll find a link to Funimation’s actual page for Dragon Ball Super Broly.

If you click on the page that takes you to the digital version of the movie, you’ll be greeted with the following message.

Some of the comments state that it’s a Chrome issue, and that the movie works fine on Microsoft Edge.

However, the image stating that the movie is unavailable on Funimation’s page comes from Firefox.

Another user corroborated that it’s not just Chrome, but also FireFox and Microsoft Edge where the film is unavailable on Funimation’s website.

This isn’t just an issue people are complaining about in Funimation’s comment section either. Others on Twitter have reported encountering the same problem at least since March 7th, 2020.

There’s no announcement or notice by Funimation as to why the movie has been unavailable for the past two days, but if it keeps up and enough people complain I imagine they’ll eventually reveal the reasons why.

While there’s no proof, the fact that this is a popular movie starring Vic Mignogna could be part of the reason. In fact, XSeed Games recently had Mignogna removed from the re-release of Rune Factory 4 Special for the Nintendo Switch. And before that Funimation did remove Mignogna’s featurette from the Dragon Ball Super Broly Blu-ray release.

Again, there’s no proof that Mignogna is the reason it’s down, but I wouldn’t put it past Funimation that they would have the movie re-dubbed and re-uploaded without Mignogna’s voice being present. But that’s all speculation for now.

(Thanks for the news tip Nathanal Enoch)