Fear The Dark Unknown: Survival Edition Releases With Improved Visuals, Gameplay, Extras

Fear the Dark Unknown Survival Edition

Dreamlight Games Studios released a major update for Fear The Dark Unknown, a Resident Evil-inspired survival-horror game that originally came out back in early December, 2019 on Steam for PC. The update overhauls many aspects of the game, as well as adds tons of new content to the overall experience.

Dreamlight is calling it the Fear The Dark Unknown: Survival Edition, and it’s a major update that’s free for everyone who already owns the original game. If you don’t own the game, then you can get it for 30% off the normal price for only $17.49 instead of $24.99 during the spring sale over on the Steam store.

So what does the Survival Edition add to the game that wasn’t there before? Well, it adds the ability to defend against enemy attacks using a dagger, as well as an all new bite-attack system for the enemies. They added a new difficulty modifier for the puzzles, allowing you to choose between ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Hard’, and they’ve also overhauled the graphics with higher resolution textures and improved lighting mechanics for high-end rigs.

You can get an idea of what the new features are like with the Fear The Dark Unknown: Survival Edition launch trailer below.

In addition to the graphics being improved, they’ve also changed the camera system to better help with the visibility in each room, along with modified interiors and all new cinematics to help with the game’s storytelling flow.

New playable puzzles and sequences have also been implemented, in addition to a better aiming system, and better AI pathfinding.

Additional sound effects and enemy noises were also added to give the game a more ambient and atmospheric feeling.

It may be a low-budget indie title, but Dreamlight Games seem intent on upgrading the gameplay to the point where people will eventually see it as a proper replacement for the Resident Evil series, which shouldn’t be too difficult given how Capcom is constantly shooting themselves in the feet by uglifying the females or removing content from the newer games.

You can purchase Fear The Dark Unknown: Survival Edition right now for PC.

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