Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Tifa Wearing Extra Boob Support In Purple Dress

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa Dress

Some gamers have noticed that in addition to the black sports bra that the Ethics Department forced the developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake to lazily put on Tifa to use as an excuse to remove any jiggle physics, they also had an extra layer of support put on underneath her purple dress.

Some users have been dissecting Tifa Lockhart’s clothing since the trailer revealed her alternate outfit in the purple dress.

One thing gamers spotted that wasn’t present before was additional support for Tifa’s boobs under the purple dress. You can clearly see the heather-colored garb that wraps around her midsection and behind her back.

Upon further inspection you’ll note that it completely covers all of Tifa’s boobs like a bikini. However, if you pay close attention to any of the shots from behind, you’ll see that the straps angle upward at a 35 degree angle. Thus, unlike a bikini it contains a multiway strap that hooks between the shoulder blades, oftentimes used for when women wear halter-wear or want to add a crisscross aesthetic to their attire.

Worse yet is that this additional under-support isn’t attached to the dress, so it was added as an additional piece of coverage to limit the exposure of cleavage.

Previously Square’s Ethics Department had the team add an extra support bra layer under her iconic white tank top in order to justify why they had to remove any kind of boob jiggle physics from the raven-haired beauty. Many anti-gamers supported and defended the measure, since they enjoy seeing femininity being destroyed in both Eastern and Western media.

Expect to see more of these artistic design decisions employed in future remakes, reboots, or games being published by Square Enix, especially now knowing that they have an Ethics Department looking over the shoulder of artists to ensure that everything fits in line with Sony’s censorship policies.

(Thanks for the news tip Jeff Jones)