Ghost Of Tsushima Will Release For PS4 On June 26th, 2020

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Sucker Punch Productions have released a new story trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, in which said video also reveals the PS4 exclusive’s release date. As of now, the third-person action-adventure title is set to release this year on June 26th.

Ghost of Tsushima is said to have no “way-points” and will let players explore the vast land of Tsushima during the time when the Mongol Empire invaded.

In other words, folks will assume the role of Jin Sakai in the year 1274. In this scenario, Sakai and his men will face off with the formidable and fearsome Mongol Empire on the island of Tsushima, but according to the following trailer, the invading empire will wreak havoc and conquer the local population.

As one of the last surviving samurai, Sakai rises to fight back, but while honing his samurai arts, he also explores questionable paths as a “Ghost” to wage an unconventional war against the Mongol Empire to free Japan.

You can check out the following trailer in English or its mother tongue right here courtesy of PlayStation’s YouTube channel:

“With Tsushima on the brink of destruction, Jin Sakai must sacrifice everything to defeat the ruthless Mongol invaders and protect what’s left of his home and people. As he embarks on an epic adventure for the freedom of Tsushima, he is forced to set aside samurai traditions and become a new kind of warrior.”

Folks that pre-order this game will gain access to exclusive in-game content. Additionally, the game will hit the market with three different versions being the Digital Deluxe Edition (for $69.99), the Special Edition (for $69.99), and the Collector’s Edition (for $169.99). More information on these versions can be found on

As mentioned above, Ghost of Tsushima will release on June 26th, 2020. However, more info on this game can be found on

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