Greyhound Trailer Depicts U-Boats As Prowling Hounds On The Hunt


Hollywood seems to like putting Tom Hanks in roles inspired by, based on, or loosely derived from true events. His latest flick is called Greyhound, and it actually looks kind of beastly, even though it’s more of the same anti-Nazi propaganda that has completely overtaken nearly every aspect of media in recent times.

Surprisingly, however, the film follows a Christian Naval officer played by Tom Hanks. After being promoted to the rank of Captain, Ernest Krause is put in command of a 37 ship convoy across the North Atlantic.

The hook for the film is that the convoy finds itself out of range of aerial coverage for five days, leaving the boats to fend for themselves. However, things take a turn for the worst when a U-Boat with a greyhound on the conning tower begins to stalk and pick off the ships in the convoy one by one.

You can check out the trailer below.

The greyhound U-Boat isn’t alone, though, and they make it known that this is a fight against the Nazis as it’s part of a group that’s labeled as the “Wolfpack”. One of the other U-Boats has the Nazi insignia on the conning tower, pretty much painting a big red target on it like some kind of evil video game boss slapped into a World of Warships campaign.

However, despite the ridiculous markings decorating the underwater undertakers, the tension that the trailer builds up is quite nice.

I was also shocked that Tom Hanks worked with Aaron Schneider on the screenplay. I wonder whose idea it was to make the lead character a Christian? I mean, when was the last time we had a positive portrayal of a straight, white Christian male in an AAA blockbuster that wasn’t undermined by some kind of subversion?

Greyhound - Wolfpack

A change in tide or is this one of those situations where they lure you in and then smack you over the head with some kind of degenerate propaganda?

In any case, while a lot of people in the comment section were critically skeptical of the film (as they should be), they also praised the marketing team for making the U-Boats look like terrifying villains.

Many of the shots consists of the U-Boats moving in and out of frame in a menacing manner, especially where one of them emerges out of the water in a lateral motion to the effect of looking like Satan’s metal hound emerging from the dark shadows of death.

Visually, Greyhound looks good.

I like the way they portray the U-Boats as monsters. That’s a neat take on the military-drama genre.

However, this is a big-budget Hollywood film, and we all know they can’t help but promote subversion, so when the film sets sail on June 12th I’m sure you’ll already be skimming the seas.

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