Idea Factory Wants To Know if You Want Pozzed Censorship or Sexy Waifus For Death End re;Quest 2

There is no longer denying the growing influence the West is having on the gaming industry around the world. Not purely the consumers, but the entrenched and established groups that work to push agendas over profitability.

At the top, you have the Game Journo Pros group who coordinates inside the industry to push progressive agendas and diversity. From there you have the legions on Twitter and ResetEra who will dox, harass, deplatform, and threaten anyone that stands in the way of their agenda. When that isn’t enough console manufactures will outright censor and vindictively persecute any developer who does not wish to comply with their puritanical crusade. Yet then hilariously both Microsoft and Sony want their support for their next-generation consoles as the developers move to Nintendo and PC.

Despite all their power they still know money rules the market. No better example of this is that of Ubisoft. After three flops slash under-performing titles they had no choice but to restructure their company and delay several projects in development. Voting with your wallet works.

Niche companies with their limited reserves know this better than any of the industry giants. Thus Idea Factory has put out a survey inquiring of Western audiences want the censored glitched outfits from the PS4 release of Death End re;Quest 2. Or if consumers want the original game’s slightly more revealing outfits. (Comparison here)

The Survey Reads:

Hello Death end re;Quest™ fans!

We’ve seen the community’s feedback on the new Glitch Costumes for the first game’s characters in Death end re;Quest 2 on PS4. We want you all to know that we are listening and that we have been given the opportunity to implement the original Death end re;Quest costumes into the Steam® version of the game.

However, we can only include the original designs or the new designs. The development cost and time to include both costume versions would not be feasible.

If the original Glitch costumes are implemented, they will appear in:

– battle

– in-game menus

They will not appear in:

– event CGs

– movie cinematics

*Please note that there may be other areas that discrepancies may occur in the final version of the game.

With that being said, we would like to hold a survey to see which Glitch Costumes the community would like to see in the Steam version of Death end re;Quest 2. The results of this survey will determine which costumes will appear in the Steam version of the game.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We look forward to seeing the results!

Survey ends on April 2 at 10AM PT.

Idea Factory is likely well aware of the potential backlash decensoring the outfits could bring. This is why they need to know that their consumers want the uncensored versions or else there is no reason to create the risk. Whether in the end they will kowtow to the pro-censorship crowd or listen to the consumers will be seen, but for now, we can vote for the future we want.

(Thanks for the tip substratose)

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