Iron Danger Cheats Offer God Mode, Damage Multiplier

Iron Danger Cheats

Action Squad Studios and Daedalic Entertainment’s Iron Danger is a unique time-manipulation action-RPG. It’s quite unlike any other isometric ARPGs on the market thanks to players having the ability to stop time and rewind to a previous moment before they took damage, killed someone, or happened to be killed. However, if you wanted to cheese the system and goof around in the game, there are some cheats available for you.

The first cheat trainer is available to download from over on

The trainer comes equipped with the following Iron Danger cheats:

  • Heal Player
  • Refill Stamina
  • Running speed: default
  • Running speed: increase
  • Running speed: decrease
  • Stats Damage Multiplier: x1,000
  • Low Health
  • God mode
  • Reset Damage Multiplier

Like many other cheats made available on MegaDev, a couple of them are free to use, and in this case it’s the heal player and refill stamina cheats. Both of those are enough to help you get through the game without dying.

However, if you want to access the other cheats, such as the running speed increase or the god mode, you will need to sign up for the premium membership at MegaDev.

There’s another trainer available for download from over on Meh Trainer.

The trainer is anything but meh, as it comes with the following cheats for Iron Danger:

  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Health
  • Numpad 2 – Infinite AP
  • Numpad 3 – No Skills Cooldown
  • Numpad 4 – Mega Damage / Easy Kills
  • Numpad 5 – Infinite XP

Basically it’s very similar to the other cheats available from MegaDev, but you don’t need a premium membership to access the other cheat options.

I’m not terribly familiar with Meh Trainer, so I don’t know how compatible it is with games that receive frequent updates. So keep that in mind.

There’s also a cheat table available for the Cheat Engine available from over on VGTrainers.

The Iron Danger trainer offers:

  • God Mode
  • Character Editor
  • Infinite Stamina

It’s not much but it should help get you through any hardships you encounter in the game.

Some people were leery about playing the title because the female protagonist looks like a boy, and these days anytime a female lead is placed front and center in a game it usually means she’s a misandrist and a lesbian who “don’t need no man”.

In fact, someone even asked the developers about it on the Steam forums, and one of the developers responded explaining that you can also play as two other male characters and that they tried to avoid injecting any kind of SJWism into the game, with Astro Boy writing…

“2 of the 3 main playable characters are male and are playable from the first level onwards, so you always get to play as a male for sure! But the _main_ character is female, still. It is not something that to me makes a difference, but just so you know.

“We do not have a coop as time rewinds and online functionality do not play well together. But you could hot-seat the game with 2 players if the other one plays the other character. It is not ideal, but something that can prove to be quite fun!

“[…] It is a touchy subject. We chose female lead before all this political stuff and have been wondering if we will get caught up in this all. I hope not! The lead could have just as easily been male, but I landed on female as it simply felt better!”

Well, that’s good news.

Some people will probably still avoid the game like the plague, but at least the developers have acknowledged that they didn’t intend for this game to appeal to the sensibilities of the vocal minority who are constantly shouting about their Liberal Progressive ideologies on social media.

In any case, Iron Danger is available right now over on the Steam store for $34.99.

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