Konami Dismisses the Sony Silent Hill Rumors

Konami over the last few months has been awash in rumors regarding the supposed resurrection of several of their IPs. Rely on Horror offered new insights on a long-standing rumor of Sony’s involvement with an unannounced Silent Hill game. That not only was their one game, a light reboot of the series that kept the traditional style intact, but there was a second game as well. A reboot of the Silent Hills project that would see episodic releases stewarded by the original project lead Hideo Kojima with him having immense creative freedom over the project.

Depending on the source both these projects were either well into development or were in the early to mid-stages of development. An alleged Konami employee would appear on 4chan leaking details of two other projects in development between Konami and Sony. Without offering much in the way of details he revealed the other two projects were a Castlevania reboot styled after Bloodborne and a remake of the original Metal Gear games in the style of Metal Gear Solid 5.

Now Konami through their PR rep has officially weighed in on these rumors denying them emphatically.

“We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear.”

Though it is important to note they did not outright dismiss any game being in development. Responding to Rely on Horror that a game was in development, but not the way it had been reported.

“It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.”

This is important because there is a known Silent Hill game in development with many of the original staff working on it. Masahiro Ito the creature designer for Silent Hill and art director for Silent Hill 2-3 stated on twitter he is currently working on a brand new game that he hopes will not be canceled. As previously outlined during the same period of time he was releasing art for the Silent Hill series.

Few aside from One Angry Gamer have picked up on this story, so the answer “just not in the way it is being reported,” means a project is in the works. Just not the Sony reboot every mainstream outlet covered. Then again it is always worth remembering Konami could merely be lying about the projects not being in development. Though that seems unlikely, it wouldn’t be the first time a company has denied up until the announcement a project was in the works.

Another explanation is the sources were mistaken on what was transpiring between Konami and Sony. It is no secret Sony and Microsoft are in a bidding war for exclusive content, be it for advertisement rights or timed exclusivity of some minor element. Rendering it entirely possible Sony has acquired advertisement rights for the next Silent Hill game on the PS5 and this through a game of telephone became they were outright developing and bankrolling the project.

Whatever the case anything at this point is mere supposition. Only time will tell whether we will ever get an announcement let alone if a game is in the works.