Last Oasis, Mech-Walker Survival MMO Enters Early Access On Steam

Last Oasis

Polish developer Donkey Crew announced that their survival-MMO, Last Oasis, has launched onto the Steam store. The game is a third-person action title with a focus on traversing and exploring a post-apocalyptic world using mechanized walkers.

The game is set in an era where there’s only one final settlement left where people live, with everything outside of the settlement being covered in snow or the sweltering heat of the desert.

Nomads are designated to traverse the world and explore the land beyond the settlement to gather resources for the people. This is where the player-character comes in.

You’ll be tasked with using makeshift tools to gather food, find watering holes, and gather ore to build new and bigger walkers. However, gamers will have to face off against rival bandits, rogue walker groups, or combative tribes. You’ll also have to be wary of traveling sandworms that will wreck your walker in a heartbeat.

The concept of the game is pretty cool. I like the idea of battling for resources using the walkers. It reminds me of something that would be a Hollywood summer blockbuster back in 1994 or 1995 starring Kevin Costner called Walker World or something.

Anyway, the game looks rough around the edges. The traversal and exploration animations need a bit of work, but the walkers look good and the sandworm encounters seem to be the passion-project of the developers.

But before jumping in on the game, definitely check out the user reviews first. There’s a sinking feeling that this game might be pozzed, but I’m not entirely sure. So check out videos of the character creator to make sure that they aren’t racist against whites, and be sure to monitor the community to ensure it’s not pushing regressive politics.

It’s sad that gamers are relegated to having to investigate games for Left-wing propaganda before indulging in playing them, but that’s the new standard for gaming in [current year].

You can learn more about Last Oasis by visiting the Steam store, where it’s currently available in Early Access for $29.99. During the first week of release it’s discounted by 17% off for only $24.89.

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