Lies Beneath, VR Action-Horror Game Takes Players To Mid-20th Century Alaska

Lies Beneath

Drifter Studios’ upcoming action-horror game Lies Beneath attempts to separate itself from all the other point-and-click adventure VR games by focusing more on action and reflexes. The game has a comic book aesthetic to match the way the story unfolds on visualized pages come to life thanks to a toon shader that’s been fitted for the horror genre.

VRScout did a short article on the game, detailing how the monsters look like they were pulled right out of Silent Hill.

Players will head to Slumber, Alaska, set during the mid 20th century. According to an interview on Oculus, executive producer Hunter Hudson explained that they wanted to explore a location and time period that usually doesn’t make the cut in games, saying…

“With the setting, we wanted to take players somewhere they weren’t familiar with, not just in real life but also somewhere they haven’t seen in many other games. After playing with a few different ideas, we realized very early on that mid-20th century Alaska had so much potential.”

You can see what the gameplay and visuals are like with the trailer below.

I’m no fan of disembodied hands, but to their credit at least there are hands and not just floating reticules on the screen. I prefer when your character has actual arms to relay proper movement and positioning to the player, but I doubt we’ll see too much of that until the next generation of VR titles and hardware.

As for the actual gameplay, you’ll have a mixture of melee and projectile-based weaponry at your disposal, including pistols and shotguns, as well as knives and explosives.

One thing that is kind of neat is that you can catch thrown objects out of mid-air. I was impressed with the ability to catch a flying knife coming straight at your face. How cool is that?

You can look for Lies Below to launch on the Oculus Quest starting March 31st and later on for the Oculus Rift starting April 14th.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official Slumber Alaska website.