Comic Writers Told To Put “Pencils Down” As Diamond Halts Distribution

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Social Justice Warriors are getting culled from an industry they helped destroy, and it’s all thanks to Mistress Corona-chan. The virus compelled Diamond to stop all physical distribution of comic books, affecting every paperback out there that used the supply line, and now Marvel and DC are sending out the notices that comic book writers, artists, and creators have to put the “pencils down”… meaning, they’re out of work.

It started back on March 23rd, 2020 with Diamond Comic Distributors announcing that due to the coronavirus they were stopping distribution for Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, and Boom, to name a few, as reported by Bleeding Cool.

Just three days later Marvel and DC were telling staff to put the “pencils down”.

The propagandists were quickly mocked in the YouTube community, as content creators like Lack of Entertainment pointed out that after Diamond bit the dust, there was nothing else to prop them up.

Kate Leth had previously worked on Hellcat, while G. Willow Wilson had contributed to Ms. Marvel.

Wilson had a thread noting that she was still working on The Dreaming and that The Bird King had recently shipped.

Some tried to argue that digital comics could have been used to recoup and compensate for the downturn in physical sales, but Wilson finally admitted that digital sales aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

In the thread, Wilson wrote…

“Periodical comics are a unique ecosystem that doesn’t resemble anything else in publishing. A v small fraction of sales are digital–most ppl want the physical object, which has collectible as well as aesthetic value. +it’s a community. Nobody wants to cut the legs off the stores

“I’ve watched several attempts to pull in more digital readership over the years, and all have been modestly successful at best. (This is not untrue of traditional publishing either, btw–if 20% of your sales are digital, that’s considered *huge,* even today.)

“I think what the iffy success of digital books/comics (as opposed to the massive success of streaming TV, by contrast) has shown us is that bookstores +comics shops are more than just places to buy stuff–they foster communities. They have a gravitational pull.

“There ARE exceptions and outliers–Ms Marvel did astonishingly well digitally. But the comics that do well digitally tend to be ones that pull in an entirely new audience–typically a younger, book-reading audience–rather than consolidate the traditional comics audience.

“Anyway, as others have already said more eloquently, it’s likely that this crisis will reshape the publishing industry, and comics in particular. It’s revealed the inflexibility of the business model. So will any of what is true today be true in 6 months? I have no idea.”

This basically debunks all the claims that Marvel and DC’s flat physical sales were being requited through digital sales.

As pointed out in the video from Comics Matter With Ya Boi Zack, the mainstream comics industry is in the gutter all the way around.

And it wasn’t just Kate Leth and G. Willow Wilson that were affected by the “pencils down” mandate.

Wilson had another thread to promote those who were affected and out of work due to the Diamond Comics cutoff, and there were quite a few who were promoting their Patreons and GoFundMes.

In the thread there was inker Marc Deering, who ran the gamut of contributions to Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse, and every other publisher in between.

Doctor Who cover artist David Carr was also in the thread pimping commissions, along with various indie artists and creators who were also impacted by Diamond.

Additionally, NewsArama reported that Valiant Comics had stopped hiring freelancers for projects due to the coronavirus, with publisher Fred Pierce telling ComicsBeat

“Unfortunately, we did have to tell a number of the freelancers to put their pencils down. That is something that made me personally ill, because I’ve been working in this industry 30 years and I always imagine some freelancer working out of their apartment and having bills today. But at this instant in time, it wouldn’t be fiscally prudent.

“We’re finishing a number of the books that are in the works, but with a number of the books we had to tell them what their pencils down. It’s painful, but unfortunately, it was necessary.”

Real comic book fans aren’t shedding tears, though.

Both DC and Marvel have been ruining legacy characters to push agitprop and retconning stories to choke fans with Left-wing nonsense. This ranges from turning Maxima gay, to creating meme-worthy parody characters like Safe Space and Snowflake, and all the man-bashing, pro-feminist, anti-Conservative bullcrap in between.

The comic industry finally biting the dust is a blessing coming from the heavens above to lift the curse of the industry’s corrosive ideology off the backs of comic book fans. Now it’s just a matter of seeing which brands make it onto the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip vee and Bret Hart)

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