Marvel’s New Warriors Author Previously Wrote a Children’s Book Featuring a Gay Interracially married Santa

One day there will be a dark unending abyss. One without beginning or end, without time or space. A mere black void, of intention and as I gaze upon it, peering into its endless depth I will realize it will have nothing more perverse than what I’ve seen during the great clown age. Make no mistake the headline is not an attempt to compete with the Babylon Bee for the most outrageous satirical piece. The book in question is very much real.

Marvel’s recent attempt to cash in on the step-sibling trend on Pornhub has hilarious and massively backfired in their face. As neither comic readers nor the twitter brigade has found particular amusement with Daniel Kibblesmith’s creation of creepily close siblings Safe Space and Snowflake. As it turns out this isn’t Mr. Kibblesmith’s first round with controversy as he previously penned a children’s book featuring a gay interracially married Santa Clause, as pointed out by Geeks + Gamers.

Not content ther,e he has announced he and his wife will raise his wife’s children to believe that Santa is black and his husband is the white one popularly shown. How children protective services have not stepped in is a mystery at this point, but their children are likely in for a horrible childhood of merciless bullying.

As no surprise, if they weren’t woke and virtue signaling, the review didn’t take kindly to the project.

Whereas the much less helpful positive recommendations are typified by the below review from a gay father.

With Disney having to take out a 6 billion dollar loan to keep their company functioning one has to ask how much longer are they going to tolerate their comics division squandering money. Their new material does not sell and now they cannot rely on comic shops carrying their surplus to bolster sales figures and pad the books. Perhaps Disney will as speculation has suggested, ax the under-performing comics division of Marvel. Regardless of if they do or not bad jokes like this are not going to be continuing for much longer.

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