Mulan, New Mutants, Antlers Theatrical Releases Postponed Due To Coronavirus


Disney is catching a lot of losses lately, from their abysmal desecration of the Star Wars franchise, to the Pixar flick Onward struggling out of the gate. Their losses have been further compounded with the live-action take on Mulan, which had its theatrical release postponed due to the coronavirus.

Variety is reporting that the theatrical release of the film that was originally set to debut in North America on March 27th has been axed. This comes after the film was postponed from premiering in China due to many parts of the country going on lockdown due to the quarantine enacted to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

The news article also reveals that joining Mulan on the buffet of delays is Fox Searchlight’s The New Mutants, which disappeared from the release line-up for a long time before recently resurfacing, only to be shelved… again.

The one movie that I was actually looking forward to, Antlers, is probably the only one on the slate that makes the news kind of sad. But that movie probably wouldn’t have done all that well in theaters anyway, and would likely have found a much larger audience on the Blu-ray and streaming markets instead.

Nevertheless, Mulan and it’s $200 million+ budget (not including marketing) is looking like a dead fish out of water. Combined with the boycotts promised for the lead actress standing against the freedom fighters in Hong Kong, and the wokeness Disney infected the movie with by removing a beloved character from the animated film due to #MeToo, there isn’t one good thing that this movie has going for it. Anyone who wanted to see Disney suffer for all the propaganda they’ve been pushing into their media properties of late are probably filled with glee at this news.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is what if the coronavirus doesn’t subside the way they want? What if it continues to spread and wreak havoc? Will they release these movies into theaters just to suffer massive losses or will they keep postponing them indefinitely? The potential losses and corporate devastation that could be wrought from Corona-chan leaves me giddy.

For now, Mulan won’t be hitting theaters in Wuhan, the West, or anywhere thanks to the coronavirus.

(Thanks for the news tip Burnouts3)

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