Raging Golden Eagle’s Blade Devil Launches to Major Success

The world is dying as the primordial darkness encroaches upon the world of man. Spreading its corrupting influence reducing the fortunate to dust and returning the less fortunate to life as horrifically mutated undead known as revenants. Only Ashyara, a renowned swordsman known as the Blade Devil, and a creative cast of characters can save the world from its ultimate destruction.

For months Raging Golden Eagle has been shilling his upcoming project Blade Devil as he attempts to make the transition from content consumer to content creator with his talented artist Toxic Manbaby. Any uncertainty as to whether Blade Devil would succeed died within the hour with the project earning over $15,000 and still within the first day rests at $44,540.

Demonstrating not just RGE’s but the wider comicsgate community’s principle of treating your customer and fan base right while selling them something they actually want to be the key to being successful. As it turns out when people say they want sexy, good story, and action, they want sexy, good story, and action. Shocking no? Sure it’s something anyone who can pass an introductory class to business could tell you, but soon it will be the safely guarded secret of the comicsgate cabal. At least for comics anyway.

All that remains to be seen is if Blade Devil will pass the legendary $100,000 mark. With a fantastic first day still unfolding it will take the community’s support to see it reach that milestone and join the ranks of legendary campaigns.

Those interested can check out the campaign on indigogo.


Blade Devil First 6 Pages

That is the question Ashyara faces on a daily basis in this broken, dying world. Mortally wounded and running out of time, she was forced into a deal with the devil. Now she continues her quest well beyond her natural lifespan.

Her existence sustained by the consumption of souls, Ashyara and her demonic partner Qaj find themselves in a bit of a predicament. Their target is nearby, but a series of unfortunate events have left them completely drained with no time to recover. And if that wasn’t bad enough, another threat approaches the nearby town of Strin.

Will Ashyara give in to demonic influence and sacrifice a few to save many? Will she decide it’s not her problem and let the town fend for itself? Or will she offer herself up in an attempt to save everyone? Why do we even need to ask?

In the #CurrentYear comic book industry, which is filled with villains being sold as heroes, that sadly becomes a question we actually need to consider. From this desolate, hopeless landscape, witness a new hero rise to become the ray of hope the world needs!

Blade Devil Cast


>Plot and “Plot”
>Backstory and “Backstory”
>Barrel Shota
>Main Character who isn’t a Mary Sue
>Gorgeous art with plenty of sexy and blood
>Exceptional Fighting Scenes
>two confirmed side stories by other artists
>Destined for completion unless the actual world ends or freak asteroid impact kills RGE and Toxic Manbaby

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