Reddit Bans Welcome To Weimar, Pornography Addicts, Can’t Change Your Gender Sub-Reddits

Weimar Republic Banned

Reddit’s administrators continue to purge anything even remotely resembling dissidence against their almighty Left-wing propaganda trip toward the general elections this fall. Big Tech made it known that they weren’t going to get a repeat of the 2016 elections, even if it meant engaging in illegal activities such as election interference. We’re seeing that play out in real-time as communities on places like Reddit are being hide with widespread bans when they rally in objection to the Leftist agenda.

Two more subs have been added to the ever-expanding list of wrongthink offenders, this time /r/WelcomeToWeimar/ and /r/PornographyAddicts/ being the victims.

KotakuInAction 2 spotted the sub going down. If you attempt to visit the /r/WelcomeToWeimar/ sub-reddit you’ll be met with a message claiming that the sub violated the rules.

The sub was basically outlining how current day society is moving in the exact same trajectory as the Weimar Republic a century ago; it was a time where the decadence and degeneracy eventually led the general public into becoming disgusted enough that they sided with the National Socialists, putting them into power during the 1930s. There’s a brief recollection covered by the History Collection that outlines what made that era so infamous during that turning point in German history.

So what rules exactly did the sub violate? Well, they claim that it was due to being reconstituted as a sub that was previously banned.

What exactly does that mean? Well, according to a post on /r/Reclassified/ the sub’s moderator was a Lefty larping as a Righty, even though the actual members of the sub were Right-leaning. Basically it was controlled opposition.

However, the sentiment of the sub was too far Right for the likes of the administrators, and so the sub was nuked.

The same thing happened with /r/PornographyAddicts/.

So what was Pornography Addicts? It was a sub that was basically a spin-off of the No Fap movement.

The sub condemned pornography, especially subversive porn.

The sub also provided information on how to help people break their addiction to pornography. You can check a brief web cached archive of the sub before it was banned.

Another sub that was recently nuked was /r/CantChangeYourGender/. If you attempt to visit the sub it gives you the same message as the other ones.

It didn’t readily pop up on the banned sub-reddit list, but the only reason anyone knew it was banned was because one of the moderators made a thread about it over on /r/reclassified/.

It doesn’t take much to guess as to why Reddit banned the sub, though.

Just about any and every community on Reddit, public or private, is in the crosshairs of administrators if it shows any signs of dissident behavior or opinions. They are literally purging wrongthink.

Do you not like Communists? You’re on their watchlist.

Do you not like subversive porn? You’re on their watchlist.

Do you have strong Conservative opinions? You’re on their watchlist.

Are you against Antifa? You’re on their watchlist.

Don’t support the LGBTQIA+ agenda? Not fond of welfare surrogacy? Against affirmative action? Not supportive of the Democratic National Committee? Not voting for Biden? Not a fan of abortions? Not agreeing with the mainstream media? Not a Leftist? Not a Liberal? Not a Progressive?

You’re on their watchlist.

Any comment you make, or gesture you put forward, or link, or post, or meme that in anyway looks like it steps even remotely outside the astronomically thin rules they have in place, and not only will you be banned but your whole community will be banned, too.

People think I’m joking, but we’ve been cataloging Reddit’s sub-reddit bans for some time, and they have been purging nearly very sub that stands in opposition to the topics I mentioned above, whether it’s /r/The_Europe/ and /r/Average_Redditor for not supporting open borders and immigration, or /r/Honkler/ for posting anti-Leftist memes, or /r/SJW_Cringe/ for mocking SJWs (yes, really), or banning users for upvoting “problematic content”, or banning news sources that don’t align with their agenda.

If it sounds like some kind of totalitarian dystopia, then you have the right idea of what Reddit has become. Hilariously enough, it’s not even just Reddit that has traveled down the pathway of mass censorship. Twitter and Facebook are there, too. In fact, censorship of certain opinions are so bad on Facebook there’s literally a trending topic in the Help Community asking if Facebook bans Conservatives.

We’re already living in a censorious cyberpunk future, only we don’t have flying cars or cool laser guns.

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