Rumor Watch: Sony Behind Silent Hill Resurrection

At this juncture, we know a Silent Hill game is in development. As previously covered, Mashiro Ito, the art director, has been teasing a new project with Silent Hill artwork and Konami has said they’re listening to feedback across the internet regarding the initial leak. All that remains at this juncture is an official announcement, but if new leaks from Rely On Horror are correct Sony may have played a critical role in getting the series back on its feet.

Before talking about the soft reboot, let’s address the elephant in the room. According to Rely On Horror’s sources, Sony has been attempting to mend relations between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to have Kojima helm an episodic Silent Hills inspired game. Said game would be a continuation of Silent Hills which Sony sees as still in high demand five years after its cancellation. Reportedly Sony wants the game to take advantage of their VR technology and would have Kojima have full creative control over the project without Konami’s interference.

Coming as no surprise to anyone who followed the falling out between the two as of yet Sony has not been successful so the rumored episodic game may be dead in the water.

Had Kojima departed on friendlier terms perhaps bridges could be mended. Yet after a power struggle concluded inside Konami, Kojima was sequestered from his team, forbidden to attend awards ceremonies, and then had his team maliciously persecuted by Konami ensuring they would be unable to find further employ in game development. At this point, a snowball stands a better chance of survival on the surface of the sun than Sony does at mending the two’s relationship.

As for the soft reboot, sources have relayed that Keiichiro Toyama the director and writer for the original Silent Hill, along with composer Akira Yamaoka are also onboard the project. SIE Japan Studio will be handling part or all of the game’s development. They have previously developed the fantastic Siren series.

What I find strongly suspect is Sony is handling development in part or entirely and wants Kojima to have complete creative control over an episodic Silent Hill game, yet their sources say Sony isn’t interested in acquiring the franchise themselves. That on the surface makes no sense unless Sony has licensed the franchise from Konami, which would explain why they would rather soft reboot it rather than be shackled by years of established events.

Said soft reboot would in all probability merely be a fresh start rather than a lore overhaul. Anyone familiar with Silent Hills lore can attest a full reboot is entirely unnecessary. Given Sony’s involvement the only saving grace for many might be returning series veterans. Regardless of how extensive Sony’s involvement is, sources indicate the game is only about a year into development, so we likely have a while to go before we hear anything officially.

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