SJWs Turn on Gearbox Over Cthulu Inclusion In Borderlands 3 Expansion

There are few things more exhausting in life than dealing with the rapid spread of Social Justice over franchises. At the same time as their opinions are as vacuous as their commitment to their own creed, we are forced to endure a dick measuring contest of who can be the most progressive and find the most offense.

Thus brings us to Gearbox’s latest extremely woke Borderlands 3 expansion: Guns, Love and Tentacles. An expansion that celebrates gay marriage while denouncing the vileness of homophobic individuals — who interestingly this time are women who don’t believe gay love can be as true and deep as real love between a man and a woman. In this, there is probably some commentary on internalized misogyny, but that went completely over outlets’ heads as they only see it as problematic, as pointed out by TheQuartering.

Essentially all of the articles tackling this “controversy” boil down to the same rhetoric that Lovecraft was guilty of holding wrong opinions because he was a White Male. Thus his work must carry the stigma of association. That Epic is guilty of not calling out and doing something to deconstruct the work for a new era, and thus Epic through this long process is problematic.

Until they need to save face with the usual disclaimer they are not trying to police thought, despite the fact they are. That they are not trying to tell developers how to make games as they do so. Before concluding with “yeah I just wasted your time with this, but its something to think about” passage.

Moderates in the comments section at Gamespot have — as TheQuartering points out — roasted Gamespot for interjecting the politics, but refuse to negate the underlying principle. It’s rather funny as their argument boils down to: yes this is problematic and wrong, but I want an exception because it is Borderlands 3 and the right flavor of woke that I prefer. Amongst them were some truly enjoyable gems.

If your job was to get people signed up for a gamespot account just to spit on your stupidity, you have done a great job –Albert19981001

Aaaaannnnd I’m done with gamespot. This sjw drivel is the last straw, good riddance to bad rubbish. –libertonyan

Oh look, someone trying to make something out to be racist on the internet. That’s never happened before. You need a new hobby. –deanmanwalking2

Anyone ever notice that according to social justice warriors and centrists/moderates that there are no inherent differences between the races, but only white people can be racist? That any negative opinion from white people towards any other race is problematic, yet the reverse is not true? Thus demonstrate a clear divide and distinction between whites and nonwhites by their own admission. Else wise the entire notion of hate speech and wrong think has no inherent basis or grounds to be considered problematic in the first place. As the entire principle rests on there needing to be differences. That further arguing whites have systemic power is a reverse way of arguing the very white supremacist rhetoric they claim Lovecraft was wrong for believing, but it is okay when they use it to attempt to fix the problem.

Sure they’re only using the usual Communist demoralization and systematic deconstruction of the culture to implement a communist regime, but they could be clever rather than self-contradictory about it. At the very least they could acknowledge that he equally wrote poorly about German and Irish immigrants. That his views were largely cultural, not biological as he treated those he deemed well assimilated with compassion going so far as to marry a Jew. Interesting how those facts are left out of the typical Lovecraft is problematic rants isn’t it?

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