SoulCalibur Player Banned From Combo Breaker For Using Words “Gay”, “Retarded”

SoulCalibur VI Banned

A member of the fighting game community was recently banned from the Combo Breaker e-sports event for SoulCalibur VI because he used the words “gay” and “retarded” in a tweet.

The event director at Combo Breaker, Rick “The Hadou”, replied to a user on March 12th, 2020 stating that he would be refunding Matic D. Oof’s entry.

The tweet from Rick received a lot of support, while many people completely missed the point.

Matic was arguing that it’s become quite retarded that you can’t use certain words without being ostracized, censored, banned, or turned into a social pariah, and like clockwork he’s banned from an event for using words that the censors don’t approve of.

Matic is right that everything offends someone at some point, and that the tone police are increasing their reach by constantly adding new words to the smorgasbord of prohibited words.

This kind of Regressive Left encroachment on free speech has escalated quite readily over the last decade, constantly making it difficult for endemic communities to communicate, or for average people to use whenever and however they feel.

With Combo Breaker openly and brazenly banning a player for using words they don’t like, it opens the flood gates for more FGC organizers to start enforcing similar off-site policies, where if players begin using language they don’t approve of then they they face potential tournament bans.

We warned people that censorship would keep escalating if it wasn’t challenged or pushed back, yet here we are. A player is getting banned for saying “gay” and “retarded”.

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