Square Enix Charges Japanese For Language Pack to Free Game

Ultimately only time will tell whether Covid-19 turns out to be the second coming of our Lord and Savior Bubonic or if it is as data now demonstrates it to be an overblown pandemic driven more by media-induced hysteria than actual factual or rational concerns. Whichever the circumstance unfolds until it does so our current practice of social distancing and isolation will not ease.

Thankfully not everyone is looking to capitalize on the current situation. Members of the Japanese Entertainment Industry came together to release for a limited time free content for people to enjoy while social distancing. Unfortunately for our dwindling faith in humanity, Western Companies have indeed decided to exploit the circumstances for their own profit.

As part of a “charitable” action Square Enix made the original Tomb Raider Remake available for free on Steam. Only to then proceed to discount every piece of DLC to boost revenue. Keep in mind after 7 years nearly everyone who had an interest in owning Tomb Raider owns it. There is no sales decline or impact in giving the game away for free. In doing so they draw in consumers who then to get the full experience will be tempted to purchase the DLC. Rendering the action not so much charity but a cold and calculated profit-driven action.

If that weren’t scummy enough it was discovered Japanese users in order to enjoy the game they were given for free would have to purchase the Japanese Language Pack. Even discounted the pay-to-play price is 499 yen, which basically translates to around $4.50 in USD.

A very generous bone thrown to the peasants if they even consider the unwashed masses so highly. Sadly because of the current state of journalism, there will be few to call them out on such behaviors allowing them to effectively get away with it without consequence.


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