The Signifier, Neuro-Noir Mystery Game Heads To PC This Summer

The Signifier

Raw Fury and Playmestudio announced that there’s a new sci-fi, neuro-noir mystery game in the works scheduled to release this summer called The Signifier. It’s like a contemporary version of Blooper Team’s The Observer, but steeped in the blended fringes of artificial intelligence and experimental psycho-phenomenology.

The game puts players in the role of Frederick Russell, who is an expert in AI and psychology. He works as a researcher on a neuro-scanner called the Dreamwalker. The idea is that it allows operators to tap into the unconscious mind and extract visual and audible elements from the mind.

Russell is tasked with using the experimental tech to aid in an investigation into the death of the vice president of one of the world’s largest tech companies, which thrusts players into an adventure of intrigue, distortions, dreams and nightmares. You can get a glimpse of what the game’s visuals and thematics are like with the announcement trailer below.

The trailer and general theme reminds me a lot of The Farm 51’s Get Even. There’s definitely a similar vibe there, especially with the whole deep diving into the memories of the deceased.

Get Even – despite its convoluted plot – actually did have a pretty clever twist at the end. So I wouldn’t doubt it if The Signifier goes in a similar direction.

The game itself will offer three different dimensions to explore, including reality, the objective memories, and the mindscape dreams.

You’ll sometimes have to move between realms in order to solve some of the game’s puzzles while also making use of various tools and powers to navigate through the game’s worlds.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll gain access to any sort of offensive weapons like in Get Even, though.

You can wishlist The Signifier right now over on the Steam store page. Alternatively you can keep an eye out for the game as it preps for release this summer on PC.