Trials Of Mana Remake Censors Angela’s Booty-Shaking Typhoon Attack

Trials of Mana

The fine folks awaiting the release of Trials of Mana have been combing over the game’s content with a fine toothpick, checking every nook, cranny, leotard, pose, and move for any sign of censorship, and well… they finally found it.

Sankaku Complex spotted the change after first giving gamers a comparison between the original 16-bit version and the upcoming release due out for home consoles and PC.

For those of you who don’t remember, here’s a video clip of her attack courtesy of clpanda.

In the clip we see Angela performing her Pink Typhoon attack, where she first taunts the enemies by turning around and shaking her thong-clad buttocks at the enemies before blowing a kiss attack at them.

You can see the gif image of the attack below.

Fans combed through the Tokyo Game Show 2019 footage of Trials of Mana and uploaded on the Gematsu YouTube channel, and they discovered that Angela’s iconic Pink Typhoon has been altered where the rump-rocking hip-sway before the attack has been completely removed.

You can check out the clip below.

As you can see, now when Angela performs the move she makes a gesture at the enemy by blowing a kiss at them but no more hip gyrations, no more pelvic swaying, no more booty shaking.

Instead, she simply sends some hearts floating the way of unsuspecting enemies, followed up by various explosive results.

Many suspected that the game would be censored in some capacity given Sony’s strict censorship policies, which sometimes carries over onto other platforms during simultaneous releases due to content parity clauses. And it looks like Angela’s Pink Typhoon may have been a victim of that.

Alternatively, it could be in result of Square’s “Ethics Department”, which quickly swooped in to have Tifa Lockhart’s giant jugs “restricted” so that they didn’t bounce or react realistically to a little thing called physics.

Either which way you cut the custard, Angela’s move was still censored. Some will likely argue that since they kept her leotard and added some alternative sexy outfits that it all balances out, but if they’ve already implemented some form of censorship it’s likely that there are others.

The only hope some gamers have is that this is restricted to the PS4 version, which is what was demonstrated in the video from TGS, but it’s highly unlikely that the Nintendo Switch or PC versions would be altered to accommodate a single character animation.

The Trials of Mana remake is due for release on April 24th, 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and on Steam for PC.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Ham)