ViZ Media Hires SJW Who Wanted More LGBT Propaganda In Anime

Viz Media

ViZ Media, a distributor and publisher of anime and manga based out of San Francisco, California, recently hired a new member to the team, a certain comic book artist named D.J. Kirkland. It turns out that Kirkland is a raging Social Justice Warrior, and went on a rant condemning weebs for not being more open to LGBT propaganda infiltrating manga and anime.

The bad news was shared on March 3rd, 2020 on D.J. Kirkland’s official Twitter account.

Many anime and manga fans are preparing for the worst, since Kirkland openly supported censorship through localization and propaganda through the infusion of unnecessary LGBTQIA+ elements being padded into Japanese works just to spite fans.

There was a whole thread he made back on February 18th, 2020 decrying those who openly expressed how much they detest SJW propaganda in Japanese media, writing across a number of tweets…

“Imagine being so much of a weeb that you can’t see past your own rose colored glasses and think that Japan is some sort of anime amusement park that you ignore actual Japanese LGBTQ+ people fighting for equal rights and taking homophobia and transphobia to task in their content.

“Not being homophobic, transphobic or misogynistic is not some western ESS JAY DOUBLE YEW thing that just popped up out of nowhere. You truly hate to see it.

“Regardless of that. With the US being one of the biggest markets for anime and manga, there IS going to be conversation between stakeholders in Japan and here when it comes to creating content that appeals to more western audiences. The anime industry IS A BUSINESS.

“Also. Some of y’all don’t know the differences between translations and localizations and it shows. Google is right there.

“The mental gymnastic some of y’all exhibit on twitter for the whole world to see is truly EMBARRASSING.


So why is Kirkland so focused on gayness? Well, because he has a husband.

As you can see in the teaser clip below from Copic Official, he’s also wearing a rainbow wristband.

Basically, D.J. Kirkland has plans on infiltrating ViZ Media and spreading the Social Justice disease all around the company like bees spreading wax throughout the hive. In short, Kirkland will be spreading his wax all throughout anime and manga, thrusting it into every market orifice that ViZ Media will allow him to, and forcing his propaganda inside the weeb community, where Social Justice juices will dribble down the trembling leg of the anime fandom.

At this rate, we’ll need to start preparing the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List for yet another fresh entry.

(Thanks for the news tip Prinz The Iron Blood Heavy Cruiser and Gaiou)

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