8kun Goes Full Gab

Ancient wisdom expresses a simple concept that all things must be born, must age, then die before something anew rises. It is the eternal cycle of the universe and one we have witnessed. Where once 4chan sold out and 8chan rose, so to did 8kun rise from the corpse of 8chan. Yet it was a flawed resurrection that was slowly dying as users trickled out.

Mark, the owner of /v/ and one of the principle people involved in 8chan and 8kun went on the record denouncing what was going on with the site in an open letter. Decrying the lack of transparency as the site slowly died as abhorrent, while also highlight several issues currently afflicting the site.


Hey, I know I bug you in private, but I’m really starting to get concerned with the direction the site is taking. I know we’re allowing loli content on general porn boards, but we’re not restoring the loli boards themselves. Additionally we haven’t been as transparent as we should be. I don’t know if this is because of the cloudflare shit or whatever, but I’m sick of being scared of big tech and big banks trying to shut us down. The answer to these problems isn’t to cave in, but rather be bold and start our own services. However I feel that due to fear that we’ve both removed one of the most important aspects of the website and that the software is both constantly breaking AND that we’ve failed to launch a project like Odin four months to when it was actually supposed to be ready, that the worst may be among us.

I’ve started to prepare a secondary site in the even that you or Jim decide to shut down 8chan. I know you don’t exactly want to cause a panic, but at the same time we NEED to be transparent with our userbase on where the site is going and what we want to do with it. regardless many people are sick and tired of the secrets/lack of transparency and just want shit to be done. I don’t care that Odin was a failure or that susucoin didn’t explode like you expected it to. The truth is that many people are leaving the site in droves because of the decisions and lack of both transparency and interaction from the site administration. We’re already deplatformed, relying on fucking a TOR2Web service and calling it “revolutionary” won’t fix shit.

We need to be clear and bold with our messaging. I’m sick of this shit, and Jim having a fit with me over the direction of the site was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I spent five years breaking my back for this site, for this community, I do NOT want to make another bunker because you refuse to talk with the user base, because you’re focused on projects that actually make money. Give “ken” and “ryu” some actual backup since it’s clear that two men need more time and resources to program fredrick’s shitty code. I have no ill will towards you, nor do I have any ill will towards your father. However I am sick of the cowardly approach we’re taking with administration. I created a plan to gather everyone back, and you just dismissed it and said “we don’t need a last hurrah right now”, but WHEN will we need that last hurrah? When it’s too late?

Please stop beating around the bush with the shitty rebrands, the over promising marketing, the whole youtube shit, the lack of board creation, the lack of loli boards, and the lack of development of new software. We need to bring back Board Creation, it is the life blood of this website. Stop being afraid and grow a pair, I trust you to do the right thing. Big tech, big banks, big government and ALL of the media want us dead, because they can’t control us, if you give in to them then we might as well shut down, since 4chan already exists. I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart, please stop being scared and bring back 8chan.


In response to Mark’s post, the son of the owner went on record attempting to pin the blame for the site’s failure entirely on Mark. Before stating that because of this occurrence Mark would be removed from his position as board owner and a new owner would be assigned. A decision that turned out to be a huge mistake triggering an avalanche of blow-back from the community.

Mark has talked with me almost daily about his grand plan to change the site back to 8ch.net and relaunch with /pol/ and all the 2d loli boards. Lets talk about this.

First off, we cant bring back the 8ch.net domain name because of deplatforming issues from last year. Perhaps we can bring the domain name back someday, but I really dont see this happening anytime soon or ever due to the issue of deplatforming.

The 2d loli boards arent back yet also due to deplatforming issues with our new network setup. We are working to get onto a different network setup and the ETA for that is two weeks. The main issue with that is we wont be sure the new network setup is better or worse than the current setup until we switch over. We have already tried a few setups in the past few weeks and they werent better than what we have now. I understand 2d loli generally isnt illegal and you guys are free to post it, but having specific boards for it will currently get us in trouble with deplatforming from our network providers. We need to switch to a different network provider before we can bring back those boards.

Regarding the /pol/ board, I dont think its necessary to bring back /pol/ just to have the legacy “brand name”. There is already a board on 8kun /pnd/ that offers similar discussion topics and it is being managed well by its BO.

The odin software was delayed because Mark was beta testing it and found a lot of bugs mostly related to moderation tools. We have been fixing those bugs for 3-4 months now. We finally finished fixing those bugs about a week ago and were going to launch it when suddenly all the weird posting/modding bugs showed up on the main site. The past week or so we have been working to fix all the posting/modding bugs that were preventing users from posting or modding. The posting/modding bugs were finally fixed yesterday and now posting/modding is fast and working well again.

I have explained this stuff to Mark explicitly via direct chat the past few months and he knows what has been going on. He was an active beta tester for Odin and knows why we havent launched it yet. He knows whats going on with the 8ch.net domain name and the 2d loli boards.

Now lets talk about the issue of Marks job. From what I can recall, Mark was initially hired to manage /newsplus/. Since his work load was so low with /newsplus/, he was also doing odin beta testing, answering the claims emails, and managing which boards were to be migrated from the old 8chan database to 8kun. In the past two weeks, he had less than a half-dozen mod actions on /newsplus/ as the BO, and he only re-assigned one board as the claims mod. If your boards were not migrated from 8chan or your board claim didnt go answered, then likely its because Mark ignored you. When I checked his user logs earlier today, I was surprised to see that he has not done much of anything in the past few weeks related to his official capacity while I have been working my ass off with our small team to get things back on track and even add some new QoL features to the site. From what I can tell, Mark has done almost nothing except beg for more money from my dad while ignoring your claims emails.

After I saw this thread today, I recommended Marks firing from the site. My small team and I are working non-stop on getting the backend software and networking to run better and make sure it doesnt get taken down to hacking, DDoS, deplatforming or social/political pressure, and I have explained that multiple times to Mark. I have also recommended the removal of access to all his accounts and emails as is normal when terminated from employment. This board will go to claims in two weeks and I will find a suitable replacement from the current /v/ vol team, or if they are not interested then it will go to someone who sends an email to claims. There is already a new person checking the claims email.

Naturally, members began demanding proof. For as it is written in the ancient book of Anonymous, “pics or it didn’t happen.” After all, one cannot say a person has been kept informed, knew all of this and then not provide proof of the accusations. Perhaps on Reddit or Resetera, this stunt would fly, but never in chan culture. Further Mark cannot be responsible for tasks not being done before he was assigned to said tasks.

One person would go on to sum up the absurdity of the claims being made. Echoing the sentiment of the majority of posters.

It didn’t help Ron’s case when his father went on record admitting he was actively preventing the return of the two loli boards. For the administration of 8kun has followed Gab’s path of puritanism and views loli as child pornography despite the US government’s official position that it is not.

One can mock them for not being able to distinguish between reality and fiction, but the truth is vastly simpler. They view the coming election as a tipping point that will see traditionalism and conservatism put into majority power in the United States. Many in the economic sphere believe the same, considering it a coming day of reckoning so they are preemptively censoring what they believe this new body will be against.

The problem is traditionalism isn’t coming back without male authority, and conservatism doesn’t advocate for the censorship of material that harms no one unless they’re CJWs. Overall it is a bad bet that destroys the credibility of the site. How long now before other “problematic content” is censored to appease the powers that be who will forever treat the culture and site like garbage?

Realizing he had royally screwed up Ron attempted to backpedal by reaching out to Mark to resolve this “shitshow.” What an amazing shitshow it was. All Mark effectively did was throw some rope on the ground, sit back while telling everyone to “watch this.” Before the administration would proceed to hang themselves on their own words.

What will occur going forward is unknown, but it is likely 8kun at this point has followed Gab down the path to irrelevancy. Already the site was dying by a thousand cuts from the exodus of users, and after abolishing freedom of speech, the core principle from which chan culture thrives and exists is a step too far. That being said people have backpedaled harder and faster before, so anything is possible at this point. Even if courses aren’t typically corrected.