Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 Update Includes Gay And Trans Pride Flags

Cook Serve Delicious 3 Gay Trans Flags

David Galindo, the developer behind Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?! announced that the game’s latest update was designed to include trans flags and pride flags for the LGBTQIA+ community. This yet another game aimed at kids including propaganda to further push the gay agenda into your home.

Galindo made the tweet on March 31st, 2020, looking to virtue signal in hopes of gaining viral attention on social media.

And yes, they will be donating $2,000 to Trans Lifeline, which is an outfit designed to help suicide prevention, since 41% of trans people commit suicide, as reported by LifeSite News.

This is similar to when VoidPoint and 3D Realms donated money to an LGBTQIA+ organization as remittance for offending ResetEra with the hidden jokes they had in Ion Fury.

In this case, though, Galindo willingly went out of his way to court the Cornhole Commissars.

According to the Steam community update, the trans and pride flags are expected to appear in the next major update set for sometime in early April. They will appear with the truck customization overhaul, where it’s explained…

“More great voice work by negaoryx and Havana Mahoney! There are a number of great improv lines that I can’t wait to add to the game.

“Ability to remap the right stick for auto-serve so that the gamepad functions more like CSD 2.

“The ability to customize your truck to be much larger in scope than planned. Originally I just wanted around a dozen or two dozen trinkets and only have the ability to turn them on or off. Now there will be trinket updates once a month with a much more comprehensive editor that allows you to fine tune how you want your trinkets to be displayed!

“Better subtitle support for cutscenes.

“And lots more!”

This is similar to when Matt Makes Games updated Celeste to include the trans flags, indicating that they support youth transitioning, a sick and twisted agenda being pushed by the Rainbow Reich.

The idea is that if you can convince people to transition their kids, then the next step will be to convince people that hebephelia should be legalized so long as minors give their consent, and then after that it’s going to be pedophilia getting legalized so long as minors give their consent.

It’s a chisel that etches away at the statue of morality, with the erosion of each block being met with cheers by the purveyors of degeneracy for the Poofer Prefects… better known as Centrists™ .

Anyone who speaks out against the invasion of this culturally erosive agenda are shouted down by said Centrists™, even while drag queen story time continues to expand.

Heck, even lawmakers are being drowned out by the degenerates even when all they’ve asked for is for parents to have a say in whether they want their kids exposed to sexual deviancy, as reported by The Daily Signal.

We’re seeing the aberrant lifestyles promoted in kids’ shows such as Clifford The Big Red Dog, Adventure Time, and Young Justice, as well as gay weddings appearing in children media such as Steven Universe, Voltron, and Arthur.

  • None of the cartoons or kid shows admit that LGBTQIA+ lifestyles come with higher substance and drug abuse compared to heterosexuals, as outlined in a study by by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
  • None of them cover how lesbians and gays also have higher rates of domestic abuse than heterosexuals, as reported by the HOSB, and
  • None of them discuss how lesbians in particular are involved in more spousal abuse than heterosexuals, as reported and the NCADV.
  • They completely avoid mentioning gay men have higher percentages of contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, as detailed in a CDC report.
  • And LGBTQIA+ suicide rates are much higher than heterosexuals due to shame and depression caused from fighting against their own biological standards, as outlined in a litany of resources on The Trevor Project.

Nevertheless, we’re seeing the promotion of LGBTQIA+ content more and more in kids media, with companies attempting to force people to believe it’s “normal behavior”, despite the fact that gays and lesbians only make up 1.6% of the U.S., population, as reported by Time Magazine. That means it’s not “normal” behavior, it’s aberrant behavior.

Even rappers noticed the abundance of gay material in cartoons and kid shows, as discussed in the clip below from Vlad TV.

So why is such a small portion of the demographic gaining so much attention?

To normalize the behavior. To force acceptance of said behavior, lest you be castigated by the Craphole Communists that control social media.

They use cultivation theory to continually pepper people with iconography (i.e., flags in games like A Hat In Time) and social inculcation (i.e., LGBTQIA+ references in games like Animal Crossing), and censorship for anyone who speaks out against it (viz., behavioral control via Big Tech, which is what happened to Meghan Murphy, as reported by The Federalist).

And yes, Meghan Murphy decided to sue Twitter over that nonsense.

The idea is forced normalization, and more and more people are being brainwashed into accepting it.

There is some hope, though.

When Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon tried convincing parents that the lifestyle was a-okay for kids via social media posts, parents fired back and criticized both companies for trying to foist sexual content onto kids.

Expect the Centrists™ to run to the defense of said propaganda, as they always do. Just like a decade or two from now you’ll see them condemning anyone who isn’t okay with MAPs and legalized pedophilia.

(Thanks for the news tip nomorerainbowterror)

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