DC Comics’ Gotham High Turns Alfred Into A Gay Chinese Man

Gotham High

Another one. The war on heterosexuals is neverending by the Social Justice Warrior menace. What did I tell everyone in the article about Netflix’s Castlevania having Alucard engage in a sweaty threesome that involved gay anal sex? I said they would come for every single one of your favorite characters, stripping them of their dignity, their pants, and their anal virginity. Well guess what? Alfred Pennyworth from DC Comics’ Batman series is the latest hetero to get his poof-shooter’s cherry popped.

Bounding Into Comics did an article on the reveal back in late March when the announcement first took place, discussing how Bruce Wayne has been race-swapped to a Chinese man, and how Selina Kyle is a race-swapped, proud-and-out prostitute-tier high schooler, while Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s butler, has been race-swapped and made gay.

The disgusting behavior from DC Comics netted it plenty of criticism from right-minded individuals, such as Clownfish TV.

But if you don’t have half an hour to spare hearing about DC’s new fan-fiction tier anathema, there’s a short Twitter thread from YellowFlash that sums up the story without any additional context to explain how gay Alfred has become.

Yes, even Alfred has been race-swapped… he’s now a China-man who’s gay.

A gay Chinese man!

So not only does Alfred have to worry about contracting an STD from unprotected gay anal sex, such as aids, he’s also at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus.

If he were real, he wouldn’t last long in our world.

YouTuber Thorias Unlimited did a nice breakdown of everything wrong with the no-knowledge-of-Batman writer that DC purposely hired to pen the young adult take on the iconic character.

And yes, the author of Gotham High, Melissa de la Cruz, is not a fan of Batman. She doesn’t read the comics or follow the lore.

While I could place blame on her for tarnishing the brand with bullcrap, let’s not forget that DC reached out to her and gave her this opportunity to tarnish Batman.

This was intentional.

And now yet another straight male – and yes, Alfred Pennyworth has always been heterosexual, and even had a daughter for whom he raised with his wife, as detailed by the Daily News – has been subjected to the gay agenda.

Cue the typical Centrists who will shout to the high heavens that there is “no gay agenda!” and that there’s “nothing wrong with turning straight characters gay”, and that it was just “DC’s decision”, but watch them have a fit when gay characters get straightened out and funneled into a normal lifestyle. Watch as they complain and champion the LGBTQIA+ mafia if some blockbuster doesn’t have a member of the Rainbow Reich standing front and center with an out-stretched arm to proudly proclaim that they’re a Hemorrhoid Hauptmann.

Don’t think it stops here.

As pointed out by YellowFlash, even when the industry is collapsing in on itself, Marvel and DC are still pushing forward with their agitprop.

I told you all that eventually they will come for the cheeks of your favorite characters, splitting them apart and breaking inside like a boring machine penetrating through an unprotected dam.

They took Alucard’s anal virginity, then they came for Alfred Pennyworth, and don’t be surprised if Batman or Superman is next. Also, you can guarantee that the Centrists™ will mulishly justify the perversion of these classic characters to their last dying tweet, because they’re duplicitous sentries for the SJW menace, and they always will be.

Alfred now joins the ever-growing list of heterosexual men who have had their feces-flingers finagled by the flagitious finger of Social Justice.

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