Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Release Date Still On For June 26th Despite Current Pandemic

During these times, certain publishers and developers are taking up measures to prevent any mishaps from occurring, which happens to delay previously announced games in the process. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Sucker Punch Productions are still planning to release Ghost of Tsushima on its intended June 26th, 2020, release date despite COVID-19 concerns.

Thanks to publication site, we learn from the latest issue of the PlayStation Magazine UK that Ghost of Tsushima will not face a delay.

The magazine reiterates that the summer-due game is still on track to release worldwide for PS4 goers, bringing with it the island of Tsushima, the Mongol Empire, and the way of the samurai… plus ninjas:

“You can take on Khaaaaaaan and his Mongol Horde from 26 June. We now know Ghost Of Tsushima will be following Nioh 2 and Sekiro onto PS4 as soon as 26 June. Developed by Sucker Punch, already known for the slick-to-navigate open worlds it created for the Sly Raccoon and InFamous series, Ghost gives you the whole island of Tsushima to explore while you attempt to repel a brutal Mongol invasion, based on real-life events.”

With Tsushima on the brink of destruction, Jin Sakai must sacrifice everything to ward off the Mongol invaders and protect what’s left of his home and people.

As Sakai embarks on an adventure to free Tsushima, he is forced to set aside his knowledge of samurai traditions and become a “new” kind of warrior as per the UK PlayStation Magazine:

“Narrowly escaping death, he realizes that to fight back against overwhelming odds might require him to use more than his samurai’s honorable skills. He must master the Way Of The Ghost, ninja-like skills that will enable him to take on a skilled enemy that heavily outnumbers him. The mantle of The Ghost turns you into a vigilante-type figure, battling for the oppressed people of occupied Tsushima. Which, of course, puts you right at the top of the Mongols’ most-wanted list. Their forces are led by Khotun Khan, a fictional analog of Kublai Khan (who led the Mongols at the time of the real invasion and went on to become the first Yuan emperor of China). As Jin carries Tsushima’s last shred of hope, if the Khan and his forces can snuff him out, Tsushima will fully fall to despair.”

According to Sucker Punch Productions, the game will have no “way-points” and will let players explore the vast land of the island during the Mongol Empire invasion.

Folks that wish to pre-order Ghost of Tsushima will gain access to exclusive in-game content. Additionally, the game will hit the market with three different versions being the Digital Deluxe Edition (for $69.99), the Special Edition (for $69.99), and the Collector’s Edition (for $169.99).

As mentioned above, this game will release this summer for PS4.

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