Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection Enters Early Access On Steam

Jesus Strikes Back 2

There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s bringing the righteous fury of retribution against post-apocalyptic sinners with him, and his name is Jesus Christ. 2 Genderz Productions announced that their over-the-top, satirical third-person shooter, Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection is currently available on the Steam store right now for just $19.99, and it’s discounted by 15% off during the first week of release for only $16.99.

This game is primed and ready to trigger the dilated crust out of the alphabet soup brigade, stinging duty dumpers of the Bunghole Bolsheviks the likes of which they haven’t seen since their last bout of hemorrhoids that they picked up at their last satanic San Francisco orgy.

In the game, players will take on the role of Jesus, along with Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, and internet-famous criminal Anders Breivik, as they attempt to cleanse the wasteland of degenerates, Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, Communists, Socialists, and Satanists.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the video below from Eadwig Twynam.

The game is still kind of rough around the edges, and there are some serious issues with pop-in and scaling, but at least the game looks and runs a lot better than the original.

As you can see, Boris kills some Happy Frogs that have gay voices, he kills a few degenerates, feminists, and other Twitter-types.

You have to loot the enemies to gain more ammo and supplies to help with your crusade against the enemies of a sound society.

The game currently features nine playable characters, 11 different player attributes, 200 pieces of equipment, and more than 142 different enemies to face off against.

Jesus Strikes Back 2 is set in an open world this time around and also includes some survival elements such as hunting, food supplies, and a day and night cycle.

You can check the game out right now over on the Steam store where it’s available for $19.99. You might want to grab it before a bunch of no-fun-allowed Tainted-Tip Trotskyists attempt to get the game banned from Steam after finding out about its existence.

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