Mahou Arms, Anime Hack-And-Slash Entering Early Access On Steam

Mahou Arms

Sekai Project and Dischan Media are keeping the waifus alive during the coronavirus pandemic. Their latest game is called Mahou Arms and it’s entering into Early Access on April 28th over on the Steam store. The game is a 3D hack-and-slash title that looks like a high-impact console game made for PC gamers.

The story follows a group of paramilitary magical girls who work for an organization determined to save humanity from a global invasion of aliens looking to subjugate people to their will. While the world’s military might are brought to heel to the alien invaders, the GARDA group recognized that magical girl waifus were the only way to save humanity.

Thus, enter Mahou Arms.

As the gameplay depicts, it has a very similar color scheme to Metal Gear Solid, with a lot of faded grays and gunmetal gradients. However, the gameplay is very fast and fluent much like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, focusing on rapid-fire combos and transitional air-juggling.

As I mentioned, it’s very much like a seventh-gen era hack-and-slash title. The quality of this indie-made title is surprisingly high based on the trailer.

The animations, the speed of the combat, and the way the hit detection, special effects triggering, and physics are absolutely spot on. I can’t stress enough how impressive it is that this game looks like it could be ready to be packaged up and shipped on today’s consoles. Also, the main character running and showing her panties via upskirt shots is a sexy little bonus that really helps bring Mahou Arms to life in all the right ways.

So why exactly is the game entering into Early Access? Because the game still isn’t finished and they need to add more playable characters, as well as a slowed down mode where you can explore the GARDA base and interact with the characters.

They don’t plan on finishing up the game until 2022. So it’s going to be a while before the final game rolls out. However, if you’re interested in following the development, you can visit the Steam store page for more information.

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