Marvel Retroactively Censors Cigars From X-Men Reprints

X-Men Censored

There’s been a push to censor smoking in media recently, with games like Gears 5 censoring any depiction to smoking, and Netflix banning smoking in anything that isn’t rated TV-14 or higher. Marvel is also jumping on board by retroactively censoring cigars and cigarettes in older X-Men comics that are being reprinted.

KotakuInAction 2 spotted a Twitter thread where people were posting images of the reprints of X-Men issues where Logan, better known as Wolverine, no longer has a cigar in his mouth or hands.

If you think that the artists suddenly got “woke” and have been hired to censor the art, they didn’t.

In fact, artist Dan Fraga, who runs a YouTube channel called Couchdoodles, tweeted out that his original art for Wolverine issue #168 was retroactively censored in the reprints.

Basically, anyone who thinks that they can go back and find old issues to enjoy in order to avoid the [current year] censorship and SJW propaganda, will find that even older issues are being censored.

This also affected a recent reprint some of DC’s Superman comics featuring Michael Turner’s artwork, where the female thighs and butts were further covered up and censored.

Basically, we’re going to be seeing the converged comic book companies pulling older issues and censoring them via reprints. This is how they change history, this is how they corrupt the past, and this is how they keep their agenda alive even before it was being employed full bloom.

Expect to see more retroactive censorship in the form of cleavage, thighs, butt, or slenderness being covered up or removed.

Centrists™ will claim retroactive censorship is  a conspiracy theory, but the big publishers have already been censoring recent covers and artwork at the behest of Social Justice Warriors. Furthermore, if Marvel is already going back and removing cigars or any depictions of smoking, and DC is censoring risque outfits in older comics, why wouldn’t they go back and remove anything and everything else they deem “problematic”?

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