Netflix’s Cursed Race-Swaps King Arthur With Devon Terrell


Netflix’s Cursed is more Left-wing agitprop. It’s based on the fictional young adult novel from Frank Miller and Thomas Wheeler. I know it’s a phrase, a sentence, a sentiment shared here almost every single time the word “Netflix” begins a paragraph, but it’s true. The series will be a female-led take on the Arthurian legend of Excalibur as it was wielded by the “true Queen”, The Lady of the Lake, before Arthur managed to get his hands on the legendary sword. Typically this means the lead female protagonist, Nimue, is a strong woman who “don’t need no man”. Oh, but Arthur will make an appearance in the show, too… but he’s not the legend we all grew up to respect. He’s been race swapped for Devon Terrell.

Bounding Into Comics did a deep dive into the upcoming train wreck and not only is it another pro-feminist piece of propaganda, but it’s also filled with the typical race-swapping you would expect from Netflix. Don’t be surprised if miscegenation also makes the cut in order for the chuckle-heads on the executive board to rub their hands together and laugh at their propaganda further dividing Western nations and lowering the birthrate.

In the story of Cursed Arthur isn’t king yet, and is instead a tar-kissed mercenary… but he’s no longer a straight, white male.


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Meet Arthur, a young mercenary destined to become something greater. Played by Devon Terrell.

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Thankfully the comments contain all the unbridled truth and honesty that Netflix forgot to scrub from their timeline. The comments really speak volumes as to how much normies are waking up to the Left-wing agitprop.

As is typical of Liberal degenerates, their excuses for ruining white culture is steeped in a cardboard target of a 12-year-old little girl.

Much like Patrick Soderlund claiming that they had to ruin Battlefield V for his daughter, Thomas Wheeler, screenwriter and author of the book that the Netflix series is based on, told Barnes & Noble

“[…] We landed on King Arthur as a subject that had inspired us both since childhood. But we agreed that character had been explored so often and so recently it was a challenge to find a way to do his story that would be fresh and relevant enough to make it worthwhile. However, I was keenly interested in Frank’s version of King Arthur and we kept noodling on it. I thought about how to frame the story so that my 12-year-old daughter might be similarly inspired by the mythology, the way I was when I saw John Boorman’s Excalibur. Who was her King Arthur? What character could be her entry point into this world? The legend of the Lady of the Lake offered some tantalizing possibilities. Who was she? What was she? How did she end up this mysterious, seemingly tragic figure, with this fateful connection to Excalibur? This ended up being the spark.”

You all remember how that worked out for Battlefield V right?

Well, Geeks + Gamers had a video on the Get Woke, Go Broke scenario of Soderlund trying to cater a supposedly realistic World War II shooter for 13-year-old little girls.

As explained by Wheeler, it sounds like a stand-in for Christian fundamentalists will be portrayed by the Red Paladins, who are the villains of the series, where he stated…

“Nimue’s call to action arrives when the Red Paladins—a zealous and violent religious sect, dedicated to the extermination of the Fey—attack and burn her village. With her dying breath, her mother entrusts her with a mysterious bundle and the fateful words: “Bring this to Merlin.”

“These words set Nimue on an incredible path toward a remarkable destiny: for this is the story of the woman who wielded Excalibur before King Arthur. The story of the one, true Queen.”

Expect the typical Centrists™ to shame people for not accepting the race-swapping of King Arthur, or attempt to shame people into supporting the series by saying “You’re just sexist!” or “You’re just misogynistic!” or “You’re just a racist Right-winger!” while defending more of the corruption of classic media that helped positively shape childhoods. Oh and there’s also the classic “It’s fiction, so it doesn’t matter if they race-swap!”

This new-age propaganda is designed to create divides, anger fans, and impress upon women the false sense of physical equality with men that all the freaks and degenerates on Twitter keep trying to beguile people into believing is the truth.

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