Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay Walkthrough

Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough

The censored, toned down, completely hacked up and butchered version of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 Remake is currently spreading throughout the market, and a lot of gamers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One are realizing just how much of a piece of crap the game is. Unfortunately the shills and normies are one too many and have drowned out proper criticism and warnings, so the game might sell better than it deserves, despite being a reskinned, downgraded mess. Anyway, some gameplay walkthroughs have popped up for people who for some reason may need help getting through the game.

Resident Evil 3 Remake clocks in at just barely four hours. There’s a completely gameplay walkthrough available for the title courtesy of YouTuber Bigdaddyjende.

The crazy part about it is that half the playtime consists of cinematics, which clock in at around two hours.

It really puts into perspective the cost-to-gameplay ratio, especially compared to what you got with Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Anyway, after the opening cinematic, you’ll be placed in the role of Jill Valentine, a former feminine beauty who’s been turned into a masculine, butch wench.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Jill Bathroom

Head to the bathroom and a cinematic will play featuring Jill turning into a zombie.

After the other cinematic plays, head back into the bathroom and another cinematic will play.

Exit the bathroom and answer the phone.

Another cinematic will play.

Yes, lots of cinematics.

As I mentioned, they make up half the game.

Follow the linear pathway through the hall until the next cinematic plays.

Hold down the left thumbstick to run.

You can quick-step out of the way using the right bumper and the left thumbstick.

Obviously the left trigger is to aim and the right trigger is to shoot.

Go for head shots to kill zombies quickly, or you can incapacitate them by shooting off their limbs and using a melee weapon to kill them in order to conserve ammo.

Also, be sure to use your melee attacks to break open crates.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Nemesis

Another cinematic will play and you’ll end up in the streets.

Follow Brad into the bar and then out into the alley. Jill will get a gun and then you’ll need to run into the alley.

Jill can briefly interact with Dario Russo before moving toward the yellow door that leads into an alley.

Follow the linear path to the parking garage, up the elevator, and then participate in the quick-time event.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Muscle Car

After the cinematic Jill will meet Carlos and you’ll need to follow him until there’s another cinematic.

Once the cinematic ends head up the steps through the subway toward the surface. There’s some gun powder and two green herbs you can nab along the way.

Use the gun powder to craft some bullets for your gun and some herbs for healing. There’s also a red herb inside the crate next to the gunpowder.

Head outside of the subway and another cinematic will play – Jill will be tasked with getting to the transmission station.

The route you need to take will have three zombies emerge. Use the red barrel to blow up the three zombies.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - UBSC

Head down the steps where the zombies emerged and shoot the electrical junction box to electrocute all the zombies in the area.

Head inside the diner and go into the bathroom – there’s a jewelry box. If you don’t have enough inventory space, place any extra items into the storage container. Take the jewel outside of the jewelry box. Put the jewel inside of the storage container until you need it.

Exit the diner and make a left up through the scaffolding.

Head around to the corner of the rooftop and take the railing through to the next building; a storage room.

Exit the storage room and head down the fire escape.

Go inside the supply shop and grab the gun powder. Combine it to make more handgun ammo.

There’s a poster with some highlighted numbers on it. It’s a combination to a safe in the storage room inside the apartment building you just came from. The combination is: 937

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Dot Sight

Head back down the fire escape and make a left and there’s a building with a yellow door.

Head inside the building and there’s a note inside one of the rooms on the table explaining where you can get a shotgun.

Outside the room there’s a fire hose. Take it.

Head back through the diner, up the stairs, around the alleyway and back into the subway station. You can use the jewel you picked up to place it onto the mechanism in the subway station save point to gain an extra grenade, assuming you wanted one.

Head back into the street and toward the gate where there’s a raging fire. Use the water hose on the fire hydrant to put out the fire.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Bleeding Heart

Head inside the building and grab the bolt cutters.

Use the bolt cutters to open the door and another cinematic will play.

Take the shotgun ammo and exit the garage. Follow the alleyways back into the main street.

Head to the shopping center using the bolt cutters.

There are some additional supplies inside. If you don’t want to discard anything, store additional ammo or health supplies in the storage container.

There’s a fancy jewelry box inside the shopping mart; use the “Examine” button in your inventory to examine the jewelry box, open it and take the sapphire jewel inside.

Again, it’s probably best to store it in the box until you’re ready to use it.

Proceed back through the diner and then out onto the street.

There’s an alleyway with a locked gate that has some additional shotgun ammo and supplies; use the bolt cutters to open the gate and go inside to get the supplies.

Head back to the building with the yellow door and use the bolt cutters to open up the shotgun storage container. Take the shotgun.

Head back to the Kite Bros Railway terminal and use the sapphire jewel on the terminal to access a tactical shotgun stock.

Head back through the alley through the repair shop and then up the stairs that leads you back out into the alleyway.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Lockpick Kit

Shoot the junction box when the dogs get near to kill the dogs.

After taking out the dogs, head into the substation to restore the subway power.

You’ll find a hip pouch inside the substation’s control room. You’ll gain two additional inventory slots. Use them wisely.

Exit the substation control room and head down the steps. There’s a body in the corner with a case that has a lockpick inside. Take it and use it to access the next area.

However, around the corner from where the dead body is located, there’s a crate with some extra ammo inside.

Take it. You’ll need it.

The infamous tentacle mouth-rape scene will occur where Jill gets impregnated with some maggot monsters.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Mouth Raped

Head through the infested maze and activate the four substation generators.

Kill the spider looking creatures and then exit the maze once you flip all four switches.

Try to avoid being mouth-raped in the process otherwise Jill will get pregnant with maggot monsters and they will bust out of her stomach.

To avoid a guro-laced fate, use a green herb to remove the monster’s squirmy semen from Jill’s insides.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - H Monster

Head back to the main substation control panel and activate the main power switch and then exit the building.

On your way outside the Nemesis will attack Jill; use one of the grenades in your inventory to blow up Nemesis and incapacitate him.

Proceed back down the street through the Moon’s Donuts diner and toward the Kite Bros. Railway building across the street.

Now that you have the lockpick kit use it on the locker inside to grab a first-aid spray and then head into the main control room and then solve the puzzle by putting in the following subway route, which should be: RE-01, FA-02, RA-03, SA-02, FO-01.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Subway Puzzle

From there make your way all the way back to the subway station where the nappy-haired Carlos is located and once you get done fixing your stuff, head down the subway and another cinematic will play.

Jill will have to outrun the Nemesis. Lead him into the filing room near the red barrels and blow up the barrels.

While the Nemesis is stunned head over to the yellow air vent and tap ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller or Triangle on the DualShock to break open the vent cover and head into the next area… the sewer.

Make your way around the sewer balustrade and slide down into the next segment where you’ll have to fight the giant mutated penis.

In the next area you’ll find an Explosive B component on a barrel, take it and store it for now.

There’s also a grenade launcher but it takes up two spaces. It’s best to store it if you don’t have much ammo for it, or take it if you do.

Continue through the winding sewer tunnels, kill the penis monsters, and make your way into the lab.

You’ll find more materials to create explosives for the grenade launcher in the lockers, along with some herbs.

There’s a battery pack on one of the counters, but it will require two inventory spaces.

Make sure you store any extra ammo in the store container so you don’t have to discard it.

Head back through the tunnels, kill the penis monsters and climb up the ladder leading to the circular staircase. Place the battery inside the door to unlock it.

There’s another uncircumcised penis monster you’ll need to kill and then you can unlock the gate that leads back around to the door with the battery.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Battery Pack

Take the battery out and use it in the other door along the walkway to gain access to a room with extra supplies. Take the battery pack out again when you get done in the room and proceed down the ladder.

Use the battery in the door to exit the sewer and then another short cinematic will play where the Nemesis will chase Jill with his newly acquired flamethrower.

Run away inside the building where you can save your game.

Exit the room and make your way to the upper floors of the construction site.

You’ll need to knock over some conveniently placed planks for Man-Jill to cross as the Nemesis hunts you down.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - He Wants Head

Make your way up the ladder and across the platforms where you can save your game.

There’s a boss fight with the Nemesis on the construction rooftop.

Make sure you have your grenade launcher equipped and use it to blast the Nemesis. When he’s stunned, attempt to get around to his back and blow up his fuel tank.

You can also use the junction box to stun him if you run out of grenades. Use the shotgun to finish off his fuel tank and then blast him in the face until he dies.

Be sure to use the quick-step dodge to avoid his flaming hammer strikes.

If your life gets too low just grab the green herbs conveniently placed around the boss arena to heal up.

Once the Nemesis is down and another cinematic plays, head to the fire truck ladder and climb over it to get to the next segment.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Nemesis Flamethrower

Head inside the gun store and gather supplies, save your game, and store your items.

A short cinematic will play with Kendo, who is keeping his zombified daughter in the next room. He’ll give you the keys to the locked gate that leads to the alley.

Use the alley to go through the house and gain more supplies. When you exit the house Nemesis will return and another short boss sequence will ensue.

Run through the alley to escape from the Nemesis; there’s a supply crate with an extended pistol magazine in the supply crate.

Shoot him a few times and then another cinematic will play and you’ll have to follow the linear pathway until Carlos comes to save the day.

Follow Carlos to the subway for yet another lengthy cinematic.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Subway

After the cinematic you’ll get to play as Carlos.

Kill Brad and take his ID card.

You can also find some additional ammo for the rifle back down in the locker area and in the cemetery.

From there, make your way into the R.P.D., building and proceed to the S.T.A.R.S., office.

Head through the corridors toward the operations room. Kill the zombies along the way.

If you still have Brad’s ID, use it to open the lock box in the main office to gain a scope for the M4 rifle.

The combination for the safe in the main office is is: 9 left 15 right, 7 left

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Hip Pouch

There’s a hip pouch inside that you can use for extra inventory space.

Head through the hall toward the stairs and make your way to the second floor. There’s an explosive device inside the bathroom. Tkae it.

Head up to the third floor. There’s a key on a crate. Take it.

Proceed back downstairs and use the key to access the safety deposit room.

There’s a green herb on a shelf in the corner. Take it. You should have plenty of red herbs to combine it with.

Use the code: 104

Open the locker with the 9v battery inside and take it.

There’s also some rifle ammo located in located 106 and a grenade in locker 109.

Head up to the third floor and there’s a locker there. The code to open the locker is: DCM

Head back to the bathroom on the second floor and combine the battery with the detonator and place it on the wall to blow open the wall.

Kill the zombies with a grenade, kill the licker, and make your way to the S.T.A.R.S., office.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - STARS Office

Once you get done in the office another cinematic will play and the game will switch back to the dude who looks like a lady.

Head above ground after killing the zombies and make your way up the walkway over the river.

Another cinematic will play and then there’s a boss fight with the Nemesis, this time he has some fins to help him swim.

Again, use your grenade launcher against the Nemesis.

Near the end of the fight he’ll begin to run alongside the walls in a bid to get you to waste your grenade ammo.

DON’T use your grenades as he runs along the wall, instead use your pistol or shotgun until he gets back onto stable ground then pepper him again until the cinematic plays.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nikolai

The game will then switch over to Carlos who has to navigate the hospital to find Dr. Nathaniel Bard.

Kill the zombies in the hall and then grab the tape recorder on the counter.

Go into the next area and kill more of the zombies and make your way around the hall and through the door leading to the stairwell that will take you to the second floor.

Go into the records filing room to save your game and then head into the staff lounge. Proceed through the hall and over the railing into the courtyard and you’ll find a tactical grip for the M4 rifle in a pot. Hop over the chair and the locker key will be located on the ground.

Head back inside the hospital and go back upstairs to the second floor and into the staff room. Use the key on the door to access the lockers. There’s a flash grenade in one locker along with a hospital ID card. Take both.

Resident Evil 3 Remake – Stalker

Head back across to the ward and use the ID card to access the outer wing of the hospital.

Kill the two mutant frogs and take the tape located inside the ward.

Also, make sure you put all the old keys and keycards into your storage so you can make room for additional ammo. You will need it.

Jump out of the window to get back down to the lower floor of the hospital and head to the door that requires Dr. Bard’s voice.

Combine the tape with the tape recorder and then play the recorder in front of the door to access his office.

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