Rumor Watch: Last Of Us 2 Story Leaks Reveal Christian Villains, Pro-Lesbian Propaganda

The Last of Us 2 Leak

Alleged leaks of Naughty Dogs The Last Of Us: Part II reveals that the game’s main villains are straight, white, homophobic Christians going around the wasteland killing gay people, and that Ellie has multiple lesbian hook-ups, and that all the straight male main characters die. That’s assuming any of what’s mentioned in the leaks are true.

The original leaks come from 4chan, with someone claiming to be a relative of someone who works at Naughty Dog. This is the equivalent of the phrase “I have an uncle who works at Nintendo”. But lately many of the 4chan leaks have turned out to be 100% correct, especially regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Resident Evil 3 Remake… or in more depressing scenarios, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

What’s more is that some parts of the leak seem to fit perfectly in line with what’s been officially revealed of the game so far via the trailers, and according to Sausage Roll, the 4chan thread was nuked via DMCA, which seems to add an additional measure of legitimacy to the rumor.

In any case, the leaks were screen-capped and posted up online before being nuked, which you can read below.

Story Leaks Reveal Anti-Christian, Anti-Male, Lesbian Romp

The general gist of the story, if true, is that Dina is an actual Jewish slut. She sleeps around with a bunch of guys but she’s also bisexual, so she hooks up with chicks, too. One of her past flings is that Asian guy from the E3 trailer, while her most recent intimate conquest is Ellie.

Ellie is supposedly reluctant at first until apparently the two of them trib or scissor or engage in cunnilingus, and then she falls in love with Dina, who ends up getting killed in a raid by a group known as The Seraphites. The Seraphites are a supposedly homophobic Christian group who are going around post-apocalyptic America cleansing the land of sinners, which happens to be LGBTQIA+ people. Dina is one of the sinners who gets purged.

This leads Ellie on a quest for revenge with the help of Jesse, but he’s later killed by the Seraphites and Joel briefly joins with Ellie along the way. Apparently the story will address Joel’s actions at the end of the first game, which has put a strain on their relationship, but just as they begin to mend things, Joel dies.

Apparently the buff chick in the one ultra-violent trailer from the 2017 Paris Games Week is named Anna and is Ellie’s mother. Her father was immune to the virus but was killed by the Seraphites for sleeping with Anna, whom they labeled as an outsider or a “wolf”.

Anna ends up becoming friends with Marlene, a member of another group known as WLF, who then ends up retrieving Ellie. The 4chan post is structured weird, but this sounds like a flashback that leads up to the events of the first game.

The game ends with Ellie hooking up with another Seraphite lesbian who is immune to the virus. Sounds like they either kiss or have sex because the post states that the Seraphite chick won’t turn when her and Ellie “exchange fluids”.

So yeah, if the game is as bad as the leak makes it sound, there’s no way in the world any normal person (i.e., anyone who doesn’t live day and night on Twitter or associates with degenerate Centrists™ or SJWs) would enjoy it. It’s basically an anti-male, anti-hetero, anti-straight white piece of LGBTQIA+ propaganda.

Given how Naughty Dog goes on, and on, and on, about “diversity” and “inclusion”, and constantly attaching their franchises to LGBTQIA+ initiatives, which they proudly boasted about back on June 1st, 2018, and again on June 4th, 2019, and once again in December of 2019, it makes it hard to dismiss the leaks as fake.

This might also explain the delay and the refunds that Sony recently rolled out.

I wonder if Sony came down on Druckmann to alter some parts of the story? If I were banking on making money I would absolutely have him change around some of that tripe so that it would at least be profitable from other demographics apart from just 1.6% of the population —  majority of whom have no interest in angry lesbian revenge simulators.

Moreover, it’s also hard for me to say that the leak is bogus because it all fits in line with what we know of The Last of Us: Part II at the moment; and Neil Druckmann, the creative director, has said that the more people push back against the SJW propaganda the more he would add it to the game. So if the leak is true, then this will be the most woke game of the decade.

I would hope that normal people do the right thing so that The Last of Us: Part II will become the first Sony exclusive to join the ever-growing Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip VersedGamer)

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