Runescape Players Falsely Banned Have Restoration Requests Censored By Reddit, Ignored By Jagex


Runescape players are permanently losing their accounts and there doesn’t appear to be anyway for them to get their accounts back. Attempting to bring attention to it on the community pages such as Reddit has resulted in more bans and censorship, and they’re being ignored when attempting to ping Jagex about the issues on social media.

Twitter user Big_Boy_Spec has been asking Jagex to review his account since September, claiming that he was falsely banned for macroing when he was item flipping.

This has been going on for some time for some players.

Another Runescape player, Antimen01, also pointed out that his account was originally banned back in July of 2019, but there was no way to get the account back and he was also banned from social media hubs for trying to bring attention to the bans.

There’s still a link to his Reddit post from back on July 11th, 2019, which was promptly removed by the sub-reddit moderators.

Much like Big_Boy_Spec, the moderators won’t respond to the pleas for account restoration.

Antimen also did a video about the false perma-ban back on July 8th, 2019, explaining his side of the story and what led to the ban. This is after spending more than $660 on Runescape over the years.

Another user, Wailord ex also had the same problem, noting that his accounts were banned back on December 10th, 2019 when he attempted to log into the game while the servers were being hammered with a DDoS attack. Jagex banned the account on the grounds that he was macroing, but when he pressed them further for information, they dodged the question and stated they couldn’t provide details about the bans.

Much like the others, Wailord ex attempted to take his issue to the Runescape sub-reddits to get some traction on lifting the bans on his account, but also just like the others the thread was quickly locked and the contents deleted.

Essentially, the sub-reddit is damage control against any attempts to bring awareness to the perma-bans being rolled out against some accounts.

Another user, Kyill Osrs, also reported similar bans back on February 16th, 2020. In a Twitter thread he explained…

“Hello mod Weath, second time trying to create alt accounts first time messaging about these issues. So just trying to figure out what happened on my two alts, making spec transfer alts for slayer, done fairy rings, a lot of agil, and working on magic when I got band; I work crazy hours at two jobs so often on all hours of the night or most hours in most days so I can get how that comes to play, but if you could look into these two accounts ‘DnBassnectar’ and ‘Basshead alt’ dont wanna make a third set of alts to get banned again for hard work.

“I was splashing when I got banned and I have some picture proof of me playing 4 accounts at once which once I get off my shift I will launch home and send my pics in before I gotta sleep for the next job also on my main I was wc redwoods from mobile same time if that helps?”

Kyill further explained how splashing works and how he’s been doing it for years.

This has been an ongoing problem for quite a few users, with their accounts being flagged and banned without any sort of recourse whatsoever.

The people who complain about it on the forums or sub-reddits have their threads deleted to squash any sort of evidence that it’s happening, and also reduce the presence of its prevalence.

User CavemanRS claimed in a tweet that they do this unless the person getting banned is a prominent Twitch streamer, at which point they will then promptly restore the accounts.

Given that they’re not allowed to talk about the security of a user’s account or the actions they take against personal accounts, there’s nothing really that Jagex can say publicly about affected accounts.

However, gamers are hoping that maybe with enough pressure the moderation staff will reconsider the bans and restore the affected accounts.

(Thanks for the news tip CavemanRS)

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