Saints Row Sequel Development Confirmed

Saints Row 5

By 2010 THQ’s fate began to appear grim. Following a period of expansion and acquisitions, the company hit hard times that ultimately lead to its bankruptcy and liquidation in 2013. During the interim the third Saints Row game was developed and released, clearly having suffered from the publisher’s financial state.

Many features touted during development were either scaled back or outright cut. Despite this, the game managed to garner a significant fandom and following. Creating the eternal debate in the Saint’s Row community regarding whether two or three despite their respective shortcomings was the better game. Now a remastered version of Saints Row 3 has been announced, while Saints Row 2’s overhaul continues behind the scenes.

According to their press statement, every weapon has been remodeled, every car redesigned, the city has given a face-lift with new assets, models, and effects. Missing from Agents of Mayhem, Co-op has been confirmed to be in the remastered version along with all expansion packs and pieces of DLC that launched for the original game.

Personally I hope they have left the dick slider in the game. As many know, feminists have long argued that if we were given a dick slider we wouldn’t max that out like we do breasts and they were right. I wanted an impressive and intimidating package, but one that was approachable which is a lot of thought to be put into shaping the size of your dick, but so be it.

Typically such features are deemed problematic or controversial because pundits proclaim it so, leading to their axing to “modernize” the game. As of now, no such cuts have been reported, so the remaster appears to be an update and overhaul for the game.

In related news, the long-rumored and silently in development since 2017 sequel, has received confirmation of its development via a response on twitter from the company.

Very little is known about Saints Row 5. Whether it will be a proper sequel that follows the events of 3 or a soft reboot following the events of Saints Row 4’s time travel shenanigans or an outright hard reboot similar to the new era of Grand Theft Auto is unknown. Rumors have speculated it will receive a 2020 release date, which is feasible given the development window. Other than that we only know studio founder Mike Kudas and series veteran Jim Boone have returned to work on the title.

As the company is now openly mentioning the game’s development an official announcement is likely to come in the near future.