Sakuranomori Dreamers, Moe Horror Visual Novel Launches On MangaGamer

Sakuranamori Dreamers

Moonstone’s Sakuranomori Dreamers has finally launched in English for Western gamers. Publisher MangaGamer helped bring over the Japanese visual novel, which mixes in grotesque horror with moe characters.

The game is themed around a young lad named Fukigami Shinji, who was cursed (or blessed?) to see ghosts all throughout his childhood. One day things take a drastic turn for Shinji when he soon encounters one of his deceased classmates – a young girl he had never talked to or interacted with before.

The deceased girl manages to community to Shinji, informing him that she had been murdered by a monster wearing human flesh.

This leads Shinji on a wild goose chase attempting to find out who the culprit was and bring them to justice. However, it’s much easier said than done.

As Shinji attempts to draw closer to the truth of the mysterious murders that took place in the seemingly quaint town of Sakuranomori, the more vivid and dangerous his dreams become, seemingly turning into nightmares.

Shinji will have to work with his cloest friends to help restore peace to Sakuranomori,

Gamers will follow Shinji and his friends as they attempt to overcome the increasingly disturbing nightmares trying to deter them from their path, as well as witness some hot anime girls exposing their boobs and getting a lot more intimate with the lead hero than any nightmare ghoul could ever hope to achieve.

The game is currently available over on the MangaGamer store for $44.95.

Unfortunately MangaGamer shot itself in the foot when the staff chat logs leaked revealing that the people who manage the localizations actually despise their own fandom.

The leaked Discord chat logs were quite revelatory, finally confirming what a lot of weebs already knew: West coast localizers hate the anime and visual novel fandom.

That’s something to keep in mind if you do plan on picking up a copy of Sakuranomori Dreamers from MangaGamer. The Chinese and Japanese version of the game is also available on the Steam store from Hikari Field, but you would have to fish out an English translation to make use of the Steam version.

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