SJWs Get Triggered Over Mount And Blade 2 Mod That Makes Women Act Like Women

Woman Mod

Have you noticed in all the newer games female characters act like butch, foul-mouthed, abrasive wenches who don’t need no man? We call them “stronk wahmen” around these parts to deride the intent from Left-wing ideologues to pump our media full of these dreadful cliches that are neither representative of history nor reality. Well, one mod author decided to do something about it, changing the women in Mount And Blade II to act less like Feminazis and more like medieval women of the times. Oh boy did SJWs not like that one bit.

The name of the mod is called Talk like a Medieval Woman” by Socratatus. It’s available for download over on the Nexus Mods page.

There are nearly 100 comments on the mod page as of the writing of this article, with many Left-wing propagandists ridiculing and fulminating anyone who takes interest in the mod, as well as targeting the mod author for making it.

But before we get to their butthurt, why exactly are they butthurt? Well, mod author Socratus explained…

“This Mod removes the subtle and not so subtle ideological talk from female Followers when recruiting and has them talk like a medieval woman in such circumstances likely would. […]

“I`m a simple artist who loves comics, games and great movies and is becoming increasingly tired (oh so very tired) of how such things are being destroyed by idealogues who want to beat us over the head over and over. Seeing it enter into BannerLord, saddens me. So, I, with my simple abilities, has decided it`s time to buck that. That`s all.”

You can see some examples of the dialogue changes with the images below. It’s all rather tame.

Talk Like A Woman

Even still, these simple changes didn’t stop the Bunghole Bolsheviks from raiding the comment section.

In fact, arguments broke out in the comment threads, as the Tainted Tip Trotskyists attempted to argue that anyone downloading the mod was an “incel” or smelled of “Doritos dust”.

Thankfully the mod author did not cave in to the pressure. He decided to stand his ground, writing…

“I am simply sick of having idealogues shoving feminist politics in my games. i`m simply correcting that. If you don`t like it, don`t be here. there are plenty of mods out there cheering feminism and banning anyone who says different. be thankful that I belive in the freedom of anyone to say what they think even people like you. I won`t bann you for it like the feminist would.” [sic]

The arguments are still raging at this moment, but expect the moderators to step in and shut down discussion soon, if not outright ban the mod. Some people might think that’s an overreaction on their part, but most moderators these days are either outright SJWs, Left-leaning janitors, or Centrists™ , the last of which is basically a Lefty pretending to be moderate.

It’s funny that these same Centrists will loudly proclaim that “SJWs no longer exist!” all while flooding and complaining about someone making a mod to change the SJW elements in a game.

It’s unfortunate that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord succumbed to Leftism, but nearly every major game has these days, with the exception of DOOM: Eternal.

If you don’t want to have your female companions acting like the unbeddable turkeys screeching about feminism on Twitter, be sure to grab the mod before the moderators make it disappear.

(Thanks for the news tips Quickshooter Mk3 and durka durka)

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