The Last Of Us: Part 2’s Story Calls For Players To Keep An Open Mind Since It’s Divisive, Says Troy Baker

If, for some reason, The Last of Us: Part 2 looks interesting to you, then know that, according to Troy Baker, the game’s story calls for folks going into the game to “keep an open mind” since it is “divisive” in nature.

There’s no denying that The Last of Us: Part 2 is yet another current year game in the works, especially if the leaked story rumors turn out to be true. However, the woke piece known as the sequel to the first game has been indefinitely delayed, but that doesn’t stop the devs and others from talking about the upcoming game.

With that said, Baker — the voice actor behind the character Joel — has announced during an interview with that folks best keep an open mind instead of having a closed one when going into the second game.

I’m assuming the propaganda in the sequel to the 2013 game is blatant enough that even Baker made mention during the interview that it will be divisive.

If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to. Here are excerpts from the interview detailing what Baker told Fandom regarding The Last of Us: Part 2‘s story:

“What we’ve done such a good job of doing [in The Last of Us: Part 2], is to continue to peel back layers and learn more about [Joel]. I even learned more about Joel and I’m the guy that walked into [The Last of Us audition] and said, ‘I know the truth about Joel!’ I knew his truth back then, but [after The Last of Us: Part 2], I know even more of [Joel’s] truth.”

After teasing that he, Baker, knows more about Joel than anyone else, which includes what happens to the character in the sequel, Baker continues and notes the following information:

“I want people to go in open-minded to this story, and allow Joel and Ellie to tell their story — not the story that people think that they want to be told… If people go in open-minded to this thing, I think they will have a completely different experience than if they go in close-minded.”

Later, Baker explains how the game will be divisive in that you will either love the game or hate it, but there will be no in-between group or ambivalence when it launches:

“… And so here we are now — I think three or four years from that moment of [Neil Druckmann] first having an idea — to now being literally days away from it being released. Again, we find ourselves in that same position of: I don’t know whether people are going to like it or they’re going to hate it, but they definitely will NOT be ambivalent about it.”

So, what can we take away from Baker’s words? Well, The Last of Us: Part 2 can’t be played with a closed mind, or you won’t be able to experience the game “correctly.” Secondly, the story is one that is so polarizing that you’ll outright hate it or gush over it like a mindless social justice warrior. This definitely feeds into what the leaked story elements hinted at.

With that said, if Baker holds any weight, expect the above to manifest whenever Sony and Naughty Dog can figure out a release date for the indefinitely delayed PS4 game dubbed The Last of Us: Part 2.