Warframe Community Incensed At AGayGuyPlays Violating Rules While Going Unpunished

Warframe Rob

AGayGuyPlays is a partnered Twitch streamer who plays Warframe. He hides behind being gay whenever the community criticizes him for violating the rules, and now some members of the community have grown sick of him being protected by Digital Extremes.

Rob, better known as AgayGuyPlays, is a content partner of the Warframe community. However, he regularly takes jabs at President Donald Trump and Conservatives, even though partners are supposed to avoid dragging politics into the fold, and constantly uses his sexual orientation as a shield.

He also isn’t above making comments about supporting violence of those who are sociopolitically opposite of him.

His rants, raves, and tantrums were widespread enough throughout the community that users on the Warframe sub-reddit and Twitch streams have regularly complained about him, only to have their posts moderated or censored by the staff at Digital Extremes.

Most recently, however, a post shot to the top of the sub criticizing AgayGuyPlays thanks to an in-depth video made by YouTuber Rahetalius back on April 15th, 2020.

In the Reddit thread, which was posted on April 21st, 2020, user JefTheGreat compiled all of the evidence of AgayGuyPlays violating the community guidelines for being a content partner for Warframe, and put the ball in the hands of Digital Extreme’s staff, writing…

“Honestly, I’m just putting it all out there for everybody to see. DE has stood by and ignored the community on this matter, and I think it seriously needs to be addressed. DE acts like rules don’t apply to AGGP, and this post provides the evidence that AGGP is breaking rules, and DE is ignoring it. There’s a lot of tension in the community right now regarding AGGP, and I think there is nobody better suited for dealing with this issue than u/Rebulast our community manager and u/DigitalExtremes.”

Some feel as if AGayGuyPlays will likely not get banned due to nepotism within Digital Extremes. It’s oftentimes said that he’s friends with the developers of the game.

This kind of issue has bubbled up to the surface many times in the past regarding Digital Extremes showing favoritism and being lax with admonishing those within their inner circle, but maybe if the community keeps the topic fresh in the minds of Digital Extremes – and the public at large – they just might be forced to do something about it.

(Thanks for the news tip Big Red)

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