Wild Life, Adult RPG Development Is Still On Track Despite Coronavirus Measures

The upcoming adult game that goes by the name of Wild Life is still under development. However, the devs working on this game are doing so from home, and it looks like the coronavirus isn’t stopping the team when it comes to making development progress.

In other words, the team’s dedication isn’t fazed by the interference that’s going on right now and is as strong as the sexual content in Wild Life, which is a feat that stands erect during these blood rushing times.

One could have argued that the team was facing minor troubles trying to get things up when the Wild Life devs wrote up the following letter back on March 19th, 2020:

“Hello everyone,

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we know it is on everyone’s minds…

So we believe it is important that we are taking steps to keep our team safe while still making sure the development is not coming to a halt.

Berlin is getting closer to a shutdown with each day and we cannot expect our employees to expose themselves and other people to the virus. We all must do our part to slow down the spread of the virus as to not overwhelm our healthcare systems.

Therefore, since this Monday, the whole team has been working from home. This will have an impact on our productivity, but we will do our best to keep this impact as small as possible with our carefully planned home office plan/strategy.

We hope that everybody stays safe and strong until we reach safe waters again.

All the best,

– Wild Life Team”

Nevertheless, the above letter was not a sign of dysfunction but a sign to forewarn fans what the team will be doing from March on out. With that said, the devs are performing more than well when it comes to making sexual content and RPG related mechanics as per the following letter:

“Hey everyone, how are you all doing in these strange times?

Here things are going well given the circumstances. Our home office is working out better than we expected.

Currently we are planning the next couple of months given these new situations.

So yeah, we are still alive and well, and working hard to continue to develop this great game.

Stay safe and healthy everyone,

-Wild Life Team”

The above notice comes from an April 3rd, 2020, update over on Wild Life’s official Patreon page.

Although the RPG does not have an official release date as of now, the devs are working hard on bringing the adult title to the world via PC. With that said, here are some updates from the latest build of the game thanks to Adeptus Steve’s YouTube channel:

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