8chan.moe Attempts To Salvage Free Speech As Imageboard Censorship Intensifies

8chan Exodus

Chan culture is reeling. It’s on the verge of being toppled from public facing top domains all in the name of “protecting the children”. Basically, it’s a war on free speech, and chan culture is the vestibule for which widespread censorship on the internet will soon take root. What am I talking about? Well, imageboards lately have come under fire and have been facing stiff deplatforming measures from registrars and domain hosts. So far, one of the few remaining sites that hasn’t been deplatformed or forced into censorship is 8chan.moe.

Recently you may have heard about Josh Moon’s spat with Epik over the 9chan.us domain? If not, the short gist of it is that reports were made against 9chan.us and Epik attempted to pull the plug on site. Moon was able to wrest control to setup domain forwarding and bring 9chan.tw online, but the troubles for the chans didn’t end there.

8kun, the supposed refuge for 8chan, decided to go full Gab enact censorship measures against lolis. They claimed that the fictional loli content was illegal. Many saw this as a sign for more overwatch and censorship coming down the pipeline and decided to move to another site. Thus, this resulted in yet another exodus to other sites.

One such site that channers attempted to inhabit was Julay.World, which was supposed to be a meeting place for 8chan and 8kun refugees. However, when new boards started popping up and the typical pressure started coming down, Robi, the administrator, noted that some changes were coming down the pipeline.

On April 28th, 2020 he made a meta thread with the basic TL;DR stating…

“JulayWorld will be recreated with a few boards remaining under a different name (TBA) using a new imageboard software. I’ll be helping the BOs who are willing to create their own imageboard migrate their boards.”

Many people asked what boards would be coming back to Julay and if he would allow loli/porn, and the answer was “No”.

Robi replied in the thread…

“Sorry, I’m not planning to have porn boards in the reboot. That’s one of the main things that put me off Julay for months: endless porn dumps for a variety of fetishes that I don’t care about, hosting them simply because we allowed them in early on and it’d be a dick move to let them go.”

The current iteration of Julay.World will be shutting down on July 27th, 2020. When the rebooted version does come back, it won’t be the free speech platform that refugees from 8chan/8kun thought it would be.

Others attempted to migrate to fatchan.org, yet another attempt at a free speech chan board.

However, even fatchan.org wasn’t safe.

On April 26th, 2020 it was revealed that someone was going around with the dedicated purpose to get all chan boards deplatformed. The Fatchan owner explained what was going on, writing…

“Fatchan had a false abuse report sent to its nameserver host. A hit piece of an email from “Esther M. Aronowitz”, the same person who falsely reported 9chan and smugloli. For a few hours the site was inaccessible as I had to switch DNS providers and things needed to propagate. Apologies for the interruption, service is now restored.”

A few days later Fatchan was no more. It was booted from Voxility, and unable to find a stable home for hosting.

Voxility nulled Fatchan’s IP addresses, making the site inaccessible.

An archive from April 29th, 2020 shows a conversation that the administrator had with a Voxility rep, and at the end of the chat log there’s a separate message from the administrator that addresses visitors, which states…

“I would love to start a bulletproof censorship free site, unfortunately the influence of (((certain))) people and the stupidity of people answering support emails is too great.

“It would cost several thousand yearly to run a site and make it as resilient as the old 8chan. Unfortunately I’m not a multi millionaire pig farmer, and unfortunately the last multi-millionaire pig farmer doesn’t give a fuck about us anymore.

“I see this as as the end of an era for imageboards. We had a good run.

“Sorry and thank you all.”

Basically, imageboard chan culture is on the cusp of extinction.

Before the lights go completely out, Mark from 8chan and 8kun, decided to put in one last ditch effort to preserve freedom of speech on the internet with 8chan.moe.

Right now, some of the stragglers, drifters, vagabonds, and vagrants from the other chan boards are being welcomed to 8chan.moe. Given the current landscape of the internet and the absolute tyranny being employed against anyone who doesn’t align with the establishment’s agenda, I don’t foresee 8chan.moe lasting long, but at least they’re giving it all they’ve got for the time being.

Many of the #GamerGate refugees from 8chan and 8kun are currently reconvening over on the 8chan.moe/v/ board. So if you were exiting 8kun or Julay.World, or were previously at Fatchan, be sure to check out 8chan.moe… while it’s still alive.

(Thanks for the news tips Acid Overlord and Immahnoob)