A Fold Apart, Kids Game Includes Gay Propaganda

A Fold Apart

There’s an aggressive push by Leftist to keep hammering home to children that “being gay is okay”, all while completely ignoring all the dangers that come with that lifestyle choice. They recently made one of the kids in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts gay, as reported by Gizmodo. They turned the lead in Voltron gay. They had lesbians in the PBS reboot of Clifford; a gay rat wedding in Arthur, and now ‘E’ rated games featuring gay couples are becoming more prominent and not just in the passing-conversation sense like in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or with Pride flags like in Cook, Serve, Delicious 3, but as the actual crux of the story, which is how it is in Lightning Rod Games’ A Fold Apart.

The game originally released on the Nintendo Switch back on April 17th, 2020, but it flew under the radar.

A concerned reader reached out to us to notify us that the ‘E’ rated game features same-sex relationships, which was promoted in the launch trailer for A Fold Apart.

The trailer makes it known that you can swap out the heterosexual love story for gay or lesbian romances.

The game is obviously going to be bereft of any sort of factual data related to homosexual relationships, though, namely the following:

Centrists™ continue to argue in vain that “there is no gay agenda”, even while propagandists such as Netflix openly admit to promoting the gay agenda.

It’s like the Naked Gun meme where they’re telling the people there’s nothing to see while explosions, fireworks, and blazing flames are being ignited.

Unfortunately, media is already co-opted, and Big Tech is helping in the convergence of nearly every single media industry. Heck, back in December of 2019, Twitter updated their terms of service to protect MAPs, also known as minor attracted persons, as reported by Christians For Truth.

Yet hilariously they did a crackdown on lewd lolis, which caused plenty of Japanese artists to flee to Pixiv and Pawoo.

So Twitter is against lolis but okay with MAPs.

(Thanks for the news tip NamelessPerson)

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