Cartoon Network Predictive Programs Children Into Accepting Intersexuality and Non-Binary

When the argument that “It’s for children,” or “Cartoon’s back in the day were no better,” are made, I take objection. Sure some shows were more mindless than others, serving more as pure escapism vehicles, but a significant amount held a greater significance. They showed heroes and regular people, of both genders, living honorably, working hard, and doing right by other people. Those were the messages children my age grew up with.

Today’s youth do not get to enjoy those inspirational messages. They’re told they’re stupid for their youth and should consume absolute garbage programming because there is no point in even attempting to better themselves. Children are told they are worthless and demeaned; not people to be cultured and brought up with proper aspirations.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Cartoon Network has taken to openly pushing identity politics onto children with Steven Universe. In their latest advertisement, they prominently display “non-binary” and “intersex.”

That’s what children are shown nowadays. No icons to idolize, no greatness to aspire to; just consume and get excited about the next product. All while rejecting the notion of identity, which is a cornerstone to one’s mental health.

“A successful identity formation is related to being psychologically well (Erikson, 1963). This link seems to be lost in the identity style literature that focuses either on the maturity of the identity styles, or on adaptive and maladaptive behavior correlates of identity styles.” –Are Identity Styles Important for Psychological Well-Being?

Centraliststm will claim it is no big deal, but that is outright science denial.

Erik Erikson’s model of psychological growth illustrates the existence of eight psychological stages. Along with the importance of the completion of each stage has on our mental and psychological well being. Failure to complete a stage will cause developmental issues at later stages and even inhibit healthy psychological development.

Erikson’s fifth occurring between the ages of 12-18 is crucial towards a person’s development. For it is the stage in which they develop the sense of self and form their identity.

“The fifth stage of Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development is identity vs. role confusion, and it occurs during adolescence, from about 12-18 years. During this stage, adolescents search for a sense of self and personal identity, through an intense exploration of personal values, beliefs, and goals.” -Simple Psychology

“Our personal identity gives each of us an integrated and cohesive sense of self that endures through our lives. Our sense of personal identity is shaped by our experiences and interactions with others, and it is this identity that helps guide our actions, beliefs, and behaviors as we age.” -Erikson

Though Erikson’s work is widely accepted, we can still devils advocate the periods of time may be malleable and vary from person to person. What cannot be argued is the development of a sense of self is crucial to psychological well being. Conditioning children through cartoons into identity politics is far from innocent or without harm.

After all, if Progressives didn’t think it had any effect on people, they wouldn’t push it so hard. Now would they?

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