CD Projekt Red Boasts About Non-Polish Diversity Hires Working On Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red Converged

You can’t convince some people of the truth even when you’re throwing the facts at them, straight toward their face.

Well, now CD Projekt Red is boasting about their non-native, non-Polish diversity hires in a tweet, and I’m sure all those people above, rightly labeled as Centrists, will find some excuse to defend why a company would hire based on race or gender as opposed to hiring based on merit.

You can check out the tweet below, which was posted on May 21st, 2020.

Thankfully, there are some people in the comment section calling out CD Projekt Red for their pointless and degenerate virtue signaling.

Too late, GS540.

The evidence at the top of the article is irrefutable and it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

See, I’m a simple man; three strikes and you’re out.

CD Projekt Red is way above the strike out average when it comes to batting against the Liberal Progressive agenda.

Nevertheless, fanboys will continue to suckle on the teat of their corporate overlord just up until Cyberpunk 2077 releases and they realize that the teat is made of plastic and they’re being slapped in the face by the wagging schlong of regressive degeneracy.

It’s funny that some normies got a taste of this already with the Last of Us 2 leaks, which put Naughty Dog’s agenda on display for all to see, even though we warned everyone about the Naughty Dog agenda years ago.

All the tell-tale signs of CD Projekt Red getting woke have already been satiated, yet Centrists™ will continue to paint the bearers of truth as the villains, all while they continue to run interference as nokshlepers for their SJW overlords. The end goal is to promote and maintain the infiltration of the Liberal Progressive agenda into every single inch of Western culture, and sadly they seem to be winning.

(Thanks for the news tip Confederate Sun)

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