CW’s Kung-Fu Reboot Features Gender And Race-Swapped Lead

Olivia Liang

Another series meant for men is being co-opted by the Liberal Progressive agenda. This time it’s David Carradine’s Kung Fu. It’s not enough to sully the legend of a classic franchise by rebooting it, they also have to race-swap and geneder-swap the lead, which is exactly what they’re doing with the new Warner Bros., produced iteration of Kung Fu, which will air on the CW Network.

Coming Soon picked up the news from The Hollywood Reporter, where they revealed that the remake of Kung Fu will star Legacies‘ Olivia Liang, while Mulan’s Tzi Ma and Crazy Rich Asians’ Hua Tan will play as the lead’s parents.

The plot will center around Liang learning shaolin martial arts, but her master ends up getting killed by an assassin and she tracks the assassin back to her home, where her neighborhood comes under threat of criminal forces.

She then has to use her martial arts prowess to battle against the forces of evil.

It’s typical feminist tripe and girl power narratives.

Don’t be surprised if they turn the lead into a lesbian just to further piss off normal television watchers. This is all in a bid to completely erase the history of Kung Fu, Kung Fu: The Next Generation and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

This is a constant trend in all new media based on remakes, reboots, or remasters for [current year].

Either the lead character is race-swapped, gender-swapped, or turned gay.

They’re rebooting Walker: Texas Ranger with Walker’s brother being turned gay.

They’re rebooting the Resident Evil movies with a black Jill Valentine.

They’re remaking Dune with a race and gender-swapped cast.

They’re also rebooting Dougie Houser M.D. with a race and gender-swapped lead.

This trend will continue until all the media and all the properties you loved are converged into agenda-pushing propaganda.

(Thanks for the news tip 0oneZero1)

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