Disney Plus Censors Maria Canals-Barrera’s Cleavage In Wizards of Waverly Place

Disney Plus Censorship

Disney continues to censor older material, even from their own in-house produced shows, including the Selena Gomez-led show, Wizards of Waverly Place. In particular, viewers spotted the censorship in season 2, episode 10 of the TV show that’s now being re-aired in syndication on Disney Plus.

InsideTheMagic.net noted that even though the show originally aired on the Disney Channel, someone at Disney still felt the need to retroactively censor the content now that it’s airing on the streaming service, Disney Plus.

As reported by Yahoo! News, fans also took to Twitter to complain about the censorship of Maria Canals-Barrerra’s cleavage, showing screenshots of said censorship for additional proof.

As you can see, actress Maria Canals-Barrerra, who played Selena Gomez’ mother in the show, has a small amount of cleavage on display, and it’s blurred out in the image.

Disney Plus has also been censoring other shows airing on the network, as well as classic films such as Touchstone Pictures’ Splash.

To be fair to Disney, they were consistent in their censorship of both heterosexual and some homosexual material. They also axed a Love, Simon spin-off called Love, Victor, because they said it was inappropriate for younger viewers. So it wasn’t one of those situations where they censored heterosexual content but kept homosexual content, which is precisely what Netflix is doing by retroactively censoring heterosexual content while promoting homosexual content to kids, and then bragging about actively supporting the gay agenda on Twitter.

Even still, Disney is going over and beyond here with the censorship where they’re censoring shows that they deemed appropriate for the Disney Channel just a decade ago.

Again, don’t expect any levity in the censorship antics given how pervasive it’s all become across nearly every sector of the entertainment industry.

(Thanks for the news tip Jeff Jones)

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