EA Finances Hate Initiate Dedicated to Removing Heterosexuality and Right Leaning Opinions From Society

Oh EA, have you learned nothing from your last political outing? Was not having Battlefield 5’s development wrap up a year early because of poor sales not enough to get it through your heads that politics and entertainment are best left separate. It hasn’t, as the company has once again put their foot in the political arena to help drive right-wing opinions and heterosexuality from society.

That isn’t hyperbole nor a Strawman of what the group Electronic Arts Germany is backing has stated their goal is. Pixels for Fascists a political initiative that seeks to oppose fascism which is a merger of corporate and state power, by merging corporate and state power. In order to systematically remove racism and misogyny from video games.

Or at least that is what the initial sales pitch says. When taking a look at what their representative Pascal Wagner has written on their goals a completely different picture emerges. One where the organization is aiming to engage in cultural deconstructionism to supplant the dominant culture with a communist/Marxist one.

Online culture plays a big role in the way youth (and adults) are socialized. In the gaming area, as in other communities, the familiar faces are role models. Their speaking habits and personalities influence viewers and normalize any problematic content.

Especially people like Erik Range (Gronkh) hide behind statements like ‘I’m just a guy from the Internet’ and don’t want to admit their influence in order to withdraw from responsibility, however hard it may sound. Jokes against minorities, tweets that criticize critics and Co. reach a potential audience of millions. To support right ideas, Youtubers don’t have to be right. It is enough to use right-wing rhetoric (jokes about feminism, casual racism, etc.) or to allow members of your own community to do so.

Youtubers must be aware that they have as much (if not more) influence as television, radio and other popular (online) media. They are no longer individuals who make a problematic joke in a small group, but propagate to millions of young people and young adults that such things are not only not right, but acceptable and normal.

Statements and jokes with right-wing rhetoric do not make you a Nazi, but they support the normality of these things, which are pushed more and more into our society, especially from the right. Especially in gaming circles. They help right-wing organizations and groups to be classified as normal and harmless. At the same time, more and more of the spectators slide into the right corner and are not reminded by their idols that these views are not normal.

What would have to change to contain the problems they create?

Ideally, one would have to take action against systematic anti-feminism, racism and heterosexism and remove them from our society. However, this is a goal rather than a direct measure.

The word divisive isn’t even strong enough for what is occurring. Here you have a company once against talk about pushing for inclusion through attempts at systemic censorship. Censorship of nearly every ideology right of Marx. Censorship of comedy so the Dave Chappels and Ricky Gervais’s of the world will never be able to mock the left again.

A world where prominent and black stars like Kanye West will be forever silenced from speaking a counter-narrative to what these radicals want to push onto society. Say nothing of the Candice Owens of the black community who are now openly calling out Democrats on their abusive rhetoric and policies that have never helped the black communities in America.

Perhaps Electronic Arts isn’t aware they have funded exactly that. Akin to when a plethora of companies backed the now-defunct Bully Hunter’s initiate under the impression they would garner great media attention by appearing to take a stand against online harassment in gaming. Only to discover to their absolute horror they endorsed a campaign that openly spread misinformation to demonize their entire customer base.

In that instance, the marketing group behind the initiative approached the companies and pitched them the project in a completely different manner than what was delivered. This very well could have happened in this instance as well. Reading their company statement appears to indicate EA has a completely different view of what the project is supposed to be.


Gaming is and remains colorful: no pixel for fascists!

The “No Pixel to Fascists” initiative also wants to counterbalance this toxic part of the gaming community. Together, their initiators call for the fight against discrimination where it arises. They see themselves as a collective movement that is self-organized and active. The goal is to become a point of contact for right-wing radicalism in the gaming sector and to provide players, community managers, editors and contacts with information and solutions.

Broad alliance: supporters from the game culture always welcome

In a first step, a series of articles and interviews are published that deal with the topic of right-wing radicalism in gaming communities at different levels. Among other things, authors and scientists should have their say, as well as guidelines that can be used to identify right-wing sentiments in online profiles, for example.

“Not a pixel the fascists” wants to represent a broad alliance of players. In addition, supporters from all media areas are welcome to participate. More information can be found here: https://keinenpixeldenfaschisten.de/

Both initiatives want to make it clear that video games are colorful and diverse places where everyone can feel comfortable and nobody is excluded. I think working in and with the communities is particularly important and worthy of support.

That is a far cry from stamping out all right-wing and heterosexual opinions from existence. Though little sympathy should be afforded the giant. They aimed to back a political cause to generate media coverage for their beleaguered company. Were they more interested in sponsoring actual charities who dedicate themselves to helping people as a way to show their support then they never would have found themselves in this mess.

As it stands Electronic Arts is now actively giving money to organizations that want to stamp out both right-leaning opinions and Heterosexuality from society. Regardless of how these circumstances came to pass this fact will never change.

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